Thank You ecards testimonies!

" The cards were cute and free! I loved that I could time the delivery of the thank you card so I could set it up and then not think about it again.. @ Liam Roberts."

" We can finally celebrate important milestones with message thank you cards signed by team members electronically. Pros: set a date for a card to be sent out; allows multiple people to sign it; can be customized with gifs and memes, etc.; inexpensive. . @ Noah brown."

" This was so great to use - I was able to make special thank you cards for several people on my team!. @ Elliotte S."

What makes digital thank you cards unique?

Discover the charm of digital thank you cards! Our virtual thank you ecard is beloved by millions worldwide for its time-saving, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly features. Explore deeper into why our thank you ecards are the ideal choice!

Attractive designs

Thank You Card Slideshow

You can also play an online slideshow of the thank you card. All the thank you cards can be played as a slideshow with music in the background. This thank you digital slideshow enhances the experience for card recipients.

save time

Signed By Multiple Coworkers

The beauty of a digital thank you group card is multiple people can sign it. The online URL of the card can be easily shared via email, social media, whatsApp, slack, teams, or any message-sharing app.


Free Thank You Cards

Why spend money when you can get the best thank you cards for free? That’s right we charge nothing. Create your first online thank you card with us.

Free of cost

Thank You Group Card Can Be Styled

You can choose the free thank you ecard or upload your custom design. Add amazing gifs, funny messages, music, and choose different kinds of font colors and sizes to make your card stand out.


Thank You Card Can Be Scheduled

Online thank you group ecards can be pre-scheduled easily during creation. You don’t need to worry about forgetting any special day. Our website automatically schedules all of your thank you cards for future dates.


Thank You Cards With Music

Musical thank you cards for your loved ones are timeless classics. Music will be played in the background during card opening. Fully digital, and you can choose the music you want from our music library.

Virtual thank you card demo

For those new to creating a group thank you card, the concept of virtual signing and remote collaboration might seem daunting. That's why we've taken the time to craft a demo of the online thank you card. Give our demo card a try.

Demo thank you card

How do thank you group cards work?

Unlock the magic of thank you group cards! Craft a beautiful online thank you greeting in just minutes. Follow these simple steps to create the perfect thank you card for coworkers, friends, and family.

create birthday and anniversary group cards

Pick a thank you card

Start by selecting a thank you card design that matches the occasion. Add recipient info & delivery timings.

Add your message

Invite your team

Share the link with your team or anyone who wants to sign the virtual thank you card.

Send It Over

Send It Over

Once everyone has signed, the digital card will be sent directly to the recipient's email.

Why create an online thank you eCard for coworkers?

Millions across the globe are favoring thank you ecards over traditional greetings for friends, family, and colleagues. Here are the reasons why you should make the effort to create a online thank you ecards.

Virtual Thank You Card- The Feeling Of Gratitude

Everyone loves to feel appreciated. It is the reason online Thank You Cards are an essential way to express your gratitude. Whether you're sending a thank-you card for a generous wedding gift or showing your enthusiasm after a job interview, a carefully crafted thank you greeting card can be a very kind gesture. It’s also great to send thank you cards to your employees, coworkers, friends, and family to keep the relationship nurtured. It is time to level up your gratitude-sharing process with the help of thank-you cards that are appealing and beautiful.

Online Thank You Cards- Way to Reveal Gratefulness

OnlineThank You eCards can reach out and touch someone's heart, especially when it is signed by multiple people. Express your gratitude. Gratitude Cards must contain a sentence or two about how you benefited from the gift or action. Conclude you're grateful cards by mentioning the next time you hope to speak to or visit with the other person. Choose us to get the most advanced and smooth services. From scheduling in advance to adding the company logo our thank you cards are capable of giving you everything and sticking to your personal and professional requirements.

Thank You Card Questions

  • What is a group thank you ecard?

    It’s a thank you greeting card that can be signed virtually sign by multiple people. Its digital replacement of paper card which needs to be passed around the office for wishes. Virtual group cards can be shared via online URLs with your team members, family, or friends for signatures.

  • What is the difference between regular free thank you ecards and premium thank you ecards?

    Free thank you Cards on the website contain google ads and premium cards do not contain any ads. There are much more differences that can be found here.

  • Can I schedule my thank you card?

    Yes, you can schedule your thank you card for some future date or send it manually at the desired time. If you don’t choose any schedule you need to send it manually.

  • How the thank you cards are sent?

    If you enter the email while creating a thank you card, it will be sent to that email otherwise you need to manually share the URL with the recipient that can be shared by email, WhatsApp, or any social media app.

  • It is possible to add music to the thank you card?

    Yes, you can choose the music from our library.

  • Do we offer a physical copy or print of the thank you greeting card?

    No. we are a digital greeting card company. All the thank you cards will be virtual and will be only accessible online via the online URL.

  • How long the thank you card URL is accessible?

    The card is accessible for 1 year from the date of delivery.

  • Can I download my thank you card and print it?

    Yes, you can download the pdf of the thank you card and print it on your own.

  • Can I personalize the thank you ecard?

    Yes, you can upload your custom thank you cover. Add related gifs, images, and messages to personalize the digital thank you card.

  • How to sign an online thank you card?

    thank you ecards can be signed for friends, colleagues, coworkers, employees, or clients. Once the virtual thank you group card is created, it can be shared with your office team or family to sign. With the online URL they will find the sign button. Multiple signatures can be added to a thank you group card.

What to write in Thank You Card ?

Strengthening Relationships and Fostering Positivity

Thank you cards play a significant role in strengthening relationships with friends, family, and colleagues. When we express gratitude through a card, it conveys that we don't take their kindness for granted and that their efforts matter to us. This gesture encourages a positive cycle of giving and receiving, as it reinforces the bond between the sender and the recipient.

Building Professional Connections and Networking

Thank you cards are not limited to personal relationships; they also play a vital role in the professional world. In business settings, sending a thank you card after an interview, a successful collaboration, or receiving professional guidance can leave a lasting impression on colleagues, employers, or clients.

Making a Lasting Impression

Thank you cards have the power to stand out in a world where digital communication often prevails. Receiving a handwritten thank you card in the mail is a refreshing surprise that shows an extra level of thoughtfulness and effort. The tangible nature of these cards makes them more personal and memorable than a quick email or text message.

Writing Emotions Perfectly

To truly make thank-you cards special, it's essential to convey emotions in the perfect way. This is where thoughtful and well-crafted messages come into play. Finding the right words to express gratitude, love, or admiration can be challenging, but with the help of well-written articles and guides, one can learn how to write a thank you card that truly reflects their emotions.

Importance of Thank You Cards

Thank you cards hold immense importance as they serve as tangible expressions of appreciation and gratitude. Whether it's thanking someone for a gift, a favor, or a kind gesture, these cards provide a thoughtful and heartfelt way to acknowledge the thoughtfulness and generosity of others. By taking the time to write a thank you card, we show that we value the person and their actions, fostering a sense of warmth and connection in our relationships.

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