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Why Send Wish Online?

We are quickly emerging as people’s first choice for corporate greeting cards. Surprise your clients and colleagues by sending a virtual greeting card without time and distance limitations.

Attractive designs

Attractive Designs

There are hundreds of splendid virtual invitation card templates and e-greeting cards to choose from. The attractiveness will surely catch your eyes!

save time

Save Time

Creating a wonderful group greeting card or a cool invitation takes just a few minutes. You will be done before you even realize it.



Let’s put an end to physical greeting cards and invitations, as they do more harm than good to the environment. Adopt a modern approach and go virtual with your invites and group greeting cards.

Free of cost

Free of Cost

Why spend money when you can get the best group greeting cards and invitations for free? That’s right! We charge nothing with our free plans. Create your first greeting card with us.


Ad-Free Cards

Once you opt for our premium cards, you get the royalty of ad-free group greeting cards and invitations. It’s totally worth a try.

save time

Business Features

Use the batch order feature to schedule multiple ecards with an Excel upload. Customize eCards for each recipient with personalized messages and designs.

Alluring features

Alluring Features

Our features, such as playing messages and photos like a slideshow and adding music to your cards, are designed to catch your eyes and make you smile instantly.


Download as a PDF

You can easily download your invitation and group greeting cards as PDF files. Store your own treasure of memory!

Preserve the memory forever

Automatic Scheduling

Make sending eCards for birthdays, work anniversaries, and other events hassle-free with batch order and automation features.


Are you ready to
Save Environment?

Small habits can create big impact. Try digital greeting cards and save paper.


1.1 Million Tons CO2

Sending one card produces about 140 gm of CO2


1 of 3 Cards is Not Recycled

33% of cards which are not recycled end up in landfill creating further harm.


3 Million Trees

3 million trees are cut down each year for greeting cards.