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Free eCards Categories

With over 5000 digital designs available, we provide a wide range of modern free eCards to choose from.

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How Do Free eCards Work?

Our Free e-cards are designed by keeping you and your recipient in mind. Choose from various styles, themes, and colours to find the perfect free ecard that reflects your personality and heartfelt message. You can even personalise your free ecard with your photos, and music. Send a free ecard in 3 easy steps!

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Select A Free eCard

Pick a free greeting card template that looks right for the event. Add receiver details and delivery date & time.

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Add Your Message

You can add giphy, messages, funny quotes, or upload your images to make the digital ecard greeting stand out.

create birthday and anniversary free cards

Send It Over

Virtual eCard can be scheduled or sent instantly to the recipient's email and shared through an online URL.

Free eCard Features

Our free ecards offer something unique that goes beyond today’s digital eCards.



Play with fonts, colors, and design to make the free ecard meaningful and truly yours.



Upload your organization’s logo to ecard and custom covers to fit your needs.



Add funny messages, GIFs, and images to make the receiver go “WOW!”



Premium digital cards can be downloaded as PDFs to treasure memories forever.



Add music to your greeting card and play as a slideshow.



Schedule your online greeting cards for future occasions with ease.

Free eCards Testimonies

Whether you are looking to create a free birthday card for a friend or an anniversary greeting card for a family member, we have everything you need! Check out all the love we’ve received for our digital greeting cards:

Helps Build Bonds with Remote & Office Employees

“We have several remote employees. Using Sendwishonline.com has allowed us to make sure those staff members get the same recognition as our in-office employees. Being able to get a link to share with staff to personalize their own greetings and the ability to scheduled a send date/time are the top features for our office.” - Crystal


A personal touch in a time where people are spread out

“It's brilliant to be able to do cards for people in a time where lots of us work remotely .
It's much more personal to have people put their own message on than to email it to someone and have them copy/print it out and add it to a physical card.
Setting a time for delivery is a really helpful function too.” –Jen


Really appreciate straightforward Free ecards ...

“Really appreciate how straightforward and quick it is to create and share a free card so that everyone can sign it before sending it on! And the variety of card types to choose from is great so that you aren't always sending the exact same card for colleague events. It's actually much better and more efficient to send this than a mailed card - more people participate in signing! Well done - highly recommend and will continue to use this great tool” - DG Hall


Great opportunity to congratulate people remotely

“I've been using the service sendwishonline.com for a couple of years, probably since the pandemic started. Sendwishonline was a great opportunity to share wishes online, no matter what the distance is, you can always congrats your people. The service provides a wide range of cards, animated or not, for any occasion. You can choose a free one which includes a card with the scheduled date + music. Or a premium one with extra features.” - Anna Serhieieva


Why Send Free eCards?

There are several reasons why sending free e-cards to your friends and family can be a great idea:



Sending free eCards is an affordable way to show your loved ones that you care about them.Unlike traditional paper cards, e-cards don't require postage or any shipping costs.


Wide range of options

There is a wide range of free e-cards available for every occasion, making it easy to find the perfect one to send to your loved ones.



Free E-cards can be sent from anywhere and at any time, making it easy to stay connected with friends and family who live far away.



You can personalize your card with your own message, photos, and even music or animations, making your card unique and special for your recipient.


Environmentally friendly

By choosing online cards over traditional paper cards, you do your part to help the environment by reducing paper waste.

Free eCards Use cases

Free e-cards are a convenient and affordable way to send personalized messages to loved ones for various occasions, including holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries. With a wide range of digital designs available, free e-cards allow you to express your emotions and stay connected with people no matter where you are in the world.

create congratulation free cards

Congratulation eCards

The occasions to shout CONGRATULATIONS! keep coming when you have a big family and lots of friends. Congratulate your loved ones on every occasion like baby birthdays, anniversaries, engagement

Guide on what to write on Congratulation

create thankyou free cards

Thank You eCards

"Thank you” is made of just two words but goes a long way in making relations better. Occasions like thankyou, friendship, and appreciation can bring your loved ones more closer.

Guide on what to write on Thank You Cards

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Free eCards for Holidays

Holidays bring happiness and joy to everyone’s life. Sending cards on occasions like New Year , Christmas, Easter, & Thanksgiving helps keep the professional and personal bond stronger.

Holiday Greeting Guide

create wedding and engagement free cards

Thought and Feeling eCards

When the perfect words escape you, let our group greeting cards speak for you. Use cards like miss you, sorry, get well soon & motivation to feel better and strengthen the relationship.

Also Check Support eCards Guide

How Free eCards Help To Save The Environment?

In a world where environmental conservation is of paramount importance, embracing free eCards is a simple yet powerful step towards sustainability.


Reducing Paper Waste

By embracing free eCards, we can reduce our reliance on paper-based greeting cards, effectively minimizing the demand for paper production.


Lowering Carbon Footprint

Free eCards can be created, personalized, and sent digitally, eliminating the need for physical transportation.

save water

Minimizing Water Usage

By opting for free eCards, we help conserve water resources, reducing the strain on our planet's freshwater supplies.


Promoting Sustainable Practices

The rise of free eCard platforms encourages sustainable practices among individuals and businesses.


Limiting Waste Generation

Free eCards have no physical presence and leave no waste behind.


Encouraging Green Choices

Sending free eCards can serve as an inspiration for others to adopt eco-friendly practices in their daily lives.