Select Batch Card Use Case

Batch (Bulk Cards) lets you schedule multiple cards at once for your team. For example, if you want to schedule birthday cards for all employees.

multiple recipients
Same Card - Multiple Recipients
This use case allows sending the same card to multiple recipients.
Example: Holiday cards.

Same Delivery Time
Same Messages
multiple cards
Multiple Cards - Multiple Recipients
This use case allows sending multiple cards for different recipients.
Example: Birthday cards for your coworkers.

Different Delivery Time
Different Messages

Batch Cards FAQ

  • How do I start or pay for batch cards?

    To begin, you'll need to purchase bundle credits to initiate the batch. Purchasing credits enables you to define the batch size. For more information on bundle credits, please refer to the pricing section.

  • What is the cost of each card in batching?

    The cost of each card in batching is 1 credit for a premium card and 2 credits for premium plus. This cost is multiplied by the number of users you add. For instance, if you're scheduling a premium card for 15 users, the total cost will be 15 credits.

  • How can I edit the batch order?

    You can edit the batch order by navigating to Account -> Batch Order.

  • How can batch cards be signed by team members?

    Each batch card needs to be individually shared with signers for adding their signatures.

  • What are two use cases of batch order?

    One Card - Multiple Recipients:
    This use case involves sending the one card to multiple users, such as Christmas cards or New Year cards, where the card's details remain consistent for all recipients.
    Multiple Cards - Multiple Recipients:
    Each card is unique with different titles, delivery times, and messages, requiring individual editing. Cards can be signed separately by sharing unique URLs.

  • Can I make changes in batch cards?

    Yes, each batch card functions as an individual card. You can make similar changes as you would in a group card.

  • What are the common use cases of batch cards?

    Commonly used batch card scenarios include:
    - Happy Birthday Cards
    - Corporate Holiday eCards
    - Business Thank You cards
    - Work Anniversary Cards

  • ** If you have further questions regarding batch cards, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].