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Who We Are

We believe that creative innovation can happen anywhere and want our team to work where they feel most inspired and comfortable.

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Driven by Passion

You ask, we do. Building the features you need with love is our prime priority. We are proud of our culture of collaboration, communication, trust, and kindness.

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We have designed our website with our customers in mind. All the pages are mobile-responsive and easy to use. Our website is very self-explanatory, maintaining a perfect blend of free and paid services.

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How We Do

We’re on a mission to build the world’s best group greeting card website. Currently, we’re living in a remote era. However, companies still need to connect with customers and employees on a daily basis. Our greeting cards and invitations allow multiple people to sign and collaborate for every occasion.

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What We Do Best

Gone are the days where greeting cards must be passed around the office for signatures. Imagine receiving a greeting card in your email inbox on your birthday signed by your entire team, all from the comfort of your desk at your home. Isn't that an amazing feeling? We enable our users to celebrate every milestone remotely with our digital group cards.

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Environmentally Friendly

Our concerns to protect the environment are taken to the next level through this website. Using electronic cards and e-invitations, we help prevent deforestation and reduce carbon footprints. Every little step we take toward saving the environment creates progress and protects the world for us and our future generations.

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