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Group Card Categories

Choose your category and customize one of the ecards to make it truly yours. We offer a huge selection of modern free group greeting cards.

How Group Card Works?

Send online Greeting Cards in 3 Easy Steps. Virtual Group cards are the best way to keep remote family, friends, and colleagues connected.

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Select A Card

Pick a card design that looks right for the occasion. Add receiver info and delivery date/time.

Share your online card with friends, family, or colleagues for signature


Get it Signed

Share the ecard URL via email, or any social media. Your invites can sign the card, add giphy stickers, and personal images.

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Virtual eCard will be delivered to the receiver's email on chosen date and time or can be shared via URL.

Key Features

Our free group cards offer something unique going beyond today's eCards

It's Free

You don't need to pay for using and sending group cards.

It's Unique

Play with fonts, colors, and design to make the group greeting truly yours.

It's Social

Invite unlimited number of people to sign the eCard and spread the cheer!

It's Visual

Add funny messages, giphy and images to make the receiver goes WOW!

Why Office Cards?

Wondering how group ecards are used in the office? It's like passing a greeting card around the office and get it signed by everyone.

create birthday and anniversary  group cards

Office Birthday eCards

Many employees spend their birthdays at the office, so it’s only natural for a colleague to ensure their friends feel valued and recognized on their special day.

Office Card Guide

create appreciation group cards

Employee Happiness eCards

Empower your colleagues to celebrate each other with office cards. You can send a group card to welcome new employees, promotion cards, appreciation cards, and motivation cards during hard times.

Wordings for Greeting Cards

create retirement group cards

Retirement eCards

Honor the years of service and commitment with a Retirement Card for your retiring employees.

Retirement Wishes & Quotes

create farewell group cards

Farewell eCards

Bidding farewell to colleagues is always difficult. On our group cards, team members can post pictures and messages to treasure countless memories.

Also Check Farewell Message Guideline.

Why Personal Cards?

All the family members can virtually sign the group ecard and send their love. Our group cards bring remote families together and spread happiness

create congratulation group cards

Congratulation eCards

The occasions to shout CONGRATULATIONS! keep coming when you have a big family and lots of friends. Congratulate your loved ones on every occasion like baby birthdays, anniversaries, engagement

Guide on what to write on Congratulation

create thankyou group cards

Thank You eCards

"Thank you” is made of just two words but goes a long way in making relations better. Occasions like thankyou, friendship, and appreciation can bring your loved ones more closer.

Guide on what to write on Thank You Cards

create baby birth group cards

Holiday Greeting eCards

Holidays bring happiness and joy to everyone’s life. Sending cards on occasions like Christmas, Easter, thanksgiving, and new year help in keeping the family and personal bond stronger.

Holiday Greeting Guide

create wedding and engagement group cards

Support eCards

When the perfect words escape you, let our group greeting cards speak for you. Use cards like miss you, sorry, get well soon & motivation to feel better and strengthen the relationship.

Also Check Support eCards Guide