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Wish Board Categories

Choose your category and customize one of the ecards to make it truly yours. We offer a huge selection of modern free wish board.

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How Wish Board Works?

Wish board can be created for office coworkers or family members. A wish board is a digital version of a bulletin board in your office. It's just 3 easy steps

Start a Board

Start a wish board for any occasion. Add receiver info,choose a design & delivery date/time.

Share & Sign

Share the URL of the board via email, or any messaging apps. Your invites can add giphy and images.

Send it Over

You can either schedule the board for a particular date or send it manually once all signatures are done.

What is Wish Board ?

Wondering how wish boards are used in the office? It's like creating an online bulletin board that everyone can sign. Here are some of the most used occasions and samples.

create birthday and anniversary  group cards

Birthday Board

Every birthday is special. A wish board can turn simple birthday wishes into a masterpiece. Time to impress your remote colleagues with one a kind gift


Office Buzz Board

It’s a digital notice board where you can post something new and buzz worthy every week. It can keep remote people excited by a steady flow of new information.


Appreciation Board

The online appreciation Shout-Out Board provides an easy venue for employees in all departments and levels to show appreciation for one another.


Retirement & Farewell

Honor the years of service and commitment with a digital board to treasure the countless memories for your leaving employees.

Virtual Bulletin Boards Office Occasions

Checkout more ideas on how to use Wish Board in your office. Several companies are bringing their bulletin boards online. Keep your employees informed, motivated, and connected.

Inspirational Bulletin Board


Virtual Board to show appreciation for fellow coworkers.


List things that your team is thankful for and post quotes that demonstrate gratitude.


List Power quotes and thoughtful stories

inspiration bulletin board
food bulletin board

Food Bulletin Board

Local "foodie"

Discover new options in your city.

Snack inspiration

Recipes of your team's favorite snacks.

Food ideas

Homemade meals ideas or healthy food alternatives.

Social Bulletin Board

Event & Updates

To keep your employees aware of social and work events like training sessions.


Invite your coworkers to join you for sports & social events.

Volunteer Initiatives

Volunteer or fundraising opportunities can be listed here.

inspiration bulletin board
inspiration bulletin board

Employee Care Bulletin Board

Employee Connect

For welcoming new employees,saying goodbye to leaving employees, farewell messages, retirement messages.

Ask the Management

For providing feedback or could be a platform to ask questions.


To encourage team activities like exercise and meditation. Could be an excuse to stay fit and healthy.

Informational & Fun Board

HR hub

Information related to policies, job openings, and any other company awareness topics can be shared.

About Company

News on how your company is doing, its financial results, mission statements, or accomplishments.

Buzz Board

Add some humor to everyday life and make your team smile.

inspiration bulletin board