Celebrate Every Kudos

Wish Board
for your colleagues

  • Collect unlimited kudos, photos, and messages from colleagues

  • Display it as an online board with multiple signatures

  • Add background Music, download PDF, and play it as a Slideshow

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Kudos board

Wishboard Sample Occasions

Here are some occasions where a wish board kudos can be used in your office. But our boards are not just limited to these. You can create a wishboard for any event imaginable.

How does Wish Board Kudos Work?

Wishboards are also like virtual group greeting cards. Creating a wishboard is very simple. It’s just 3 easy steps.

1. Start A Board

Choose a theme, add recipient info, think beautiful title & select a delivery schedule.

2. Share & Collaborate

Share the online URL of the digital board. Your invites can add messages, gifs, and photos.

3. Send it Over

You can either schedule the delivery or send it manually once all signatures are done.

What is Wishboard?

It’s like a digital representation of your office board where people share their messages, thoughts, or helpful information. It can also replace physical cards passed around the office for signatures.

Celebrate Birthdays

Colleagues Birthday Boards

  • Transform simple birthday wishes into a masterpiece

  • Time to impress your remote colleagues

  • All your colleagues can easily sign with the online URL

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Birthdays & Other Special Occasion eCards
Corporate Holiday eCards

Social Bulletin Board

Office Board

  • Digital notice board to post something buzz-worthy

  • Keep people excited by a steady flow of new information

  • Easily arrange your office schedules and stay updated

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Employee Recognition

Kudos Board

  • Online appreciation Shout-Out Board

  • An easy venue for employees to show appreciation

  • A board full of praise

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Corporate Holiday eCards
Group Cards For Every Occasion

Celebrate Office Occasion

Farewell & Retirement

  • Honor the years of service and commitment

  • Treasure countless memories with the digital board

  • Awesome way to arrange wishes

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Premium Wish Board Vs. Premium Plus Wish Board

Compare features to select the best option for your needs. For bundle plans & discounts, check here.

  • Premium

    $2.99/ card

    Good for Personal Use

  • Premium Plus

    $5.99/ card

    Recommended for Business Use

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Play As Slideshow
Select Background Music
Unlimited Signatures
Download Card PDF
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*Free version is only available in group cards