Frequently Asked Questions

Platform to create digital group greeting cards & free eCards. Start free group ecards for birthdays, farewells, anniversaries, retirements, and get it virtual signed by multiple people.

Group Card General

What is a group greeting card?

A group greeting card is a digital greeting eCard that can be signed by multiple people. You can also schedule the time of sending an ecard. It's like passing a big virtual card around the office.

How much does a group greeting card cost?

The ecard is always free to use and has no hidden cost. But we have some premium features like logo upload and ad-free cards, for this, you need to pay.

How many free group ecards can I send?

There is no limit on the number of ecards that you can send although we have a daily limit of 10 ecards. This has been created to prevent people from abusing the free services and sending spam to people. If you are looking for bulk ecards, check our business version.

Can I print the group greeting card?

A PDF version of the eCard will be available to download and print after the eCard has been delivered. This feature is only available for premium cards.

How long the group greeting card will be available on the website?

The group eCard will be available online for one year from the delivery date. To keep it forever you can download a pdf on premium cards.

Is the group greeting card private?

Those who have the group eCard link can access the eCard. But, the eCard links are not searchable on the web. However, the eCards are not password-protected. You are responsible for whom you share the eCard with and how you share it (email, text, social media, etc.)

Do we have to register an account to create the group card?

Yes, Registration is important because you can edit or delete the group eCard as well as entries in the future. You can sign in via your Google and Facebook accounts as well.

Do you offer physical delivery of group cards?

No, we don't offer physical delivery of the group Card.

Signing Group Card

Is there any maximum number of people who can sign a group ecard?

There is no limit on the number of signatures, the eCard receiver can check all the signature entries on the website eCard URL.

How do I invite others to sign the group card?

You can send the group eCard URL link via any social media channel. You can invite people within the application.

Do we need to register for signing the group greeting card?

For signing the ecard, no registration is required. But it is good to register to edit the eCard later on.

Can I upload my own pictures?

Yes definitely, you can upload pictures on our group ecard.

Can I move my messages on the group card?

No, we can not move the messages on the group card, it comes based on signing order. If you delete the message new message will show in last.

Can I edit the message after signing?

Yes, you can edit from the same browser session. Because login is not mandatory so to edit the message later is not possible.

Why I am not able to sign the group card?

If you are not able to sign it means the card is already sent.

Can I delete my message entry?

After the browser session is over, you won't be able to delete the message. You need to ask the person who started the group card to delete the message.

Edit Group Card

Can I delete my group ecard after I create it?

Yes, even after sending the ecard you can delete it from your account. Only the author can use this feature and delete the existing eCard.

Can I delete entries in the group greeting card?

If a user is creating some substandard content during signature, you can delete that entry of the eCard. Only the author of the eCard is allowed to delete the entry of the eCard. Go to my account-> Group Card Created-> select your card and you can delete the entries from there.
Note: For integrity purposes, you are not allowed to edit the entries.

Can I upload my own cover?

Totally! On every group ecard, you can upload your own cover.

Can I change the delivery date/time of the group card?

You can change the delivery date and/or time anytime before the eCard is sent by following these steps: Click on Account on the top right of the screen (must be logged in). Click the group Group Card Created and select your card to edit, change the delivery date to a new date/time and click the Update Changes button.

Can I upload my own music?

No, currently you can choose only from the music library available on the website.

Can I edit the group card after delivery?

Yes, even after delivery you can edit the group card from your account-> group card sent.

Premium Group Cards

What are premium cards?

Premium cards are also group cards, but there are no advertisements on the card page. Some extra features are also available with premium cards like adding confetti, viewing as a slideshow, adding logo, etc.

What is the cost of 1 premium group card?

It's $2.99 USD per card.

Do I need to pay each time?

Each time you make a premium card, you need to pay. For monthly subscriptions and yearly plans please visit our business portal here.

Can I get a refund after the card purchase?

Once you purchase the Prepaid cards for the year, due to the digital nature of service they can not be returned and payment can not be refunded. In case of issues related to payment you can contact us at [email protected]

How can I send bulk cards?

Use our business portal to send bulk cards.

Can I also get the physical card delivered?

No, all the cards you are paying on our website are only digital cards, which are available for download but no pape r card will be sent from our side. You can print the cards on your own.

Account Changes

Can I delete my account?

Yes, Go to your account-> account settings-> In the last, you can delete your account.

How can I change the password?

Go to your account-> account settings-> Change Password

Reset Password email is not coming

Sometimes it gets blocked due to a firewall or goes into spam or promotion folder.


I can not sign the card. What should I do?

First, check if the card is already delivered. The card can not be signed after delivery. In this case, contact the card creator.

Supported browsers?

Our mainly supported browsers are edge, firefox, safari, and chrome. We do not support IE older versions.

My group card is not received. What can I do?

Sometimes the email goes to the promotion tab or spam tab. Please check other tabs in case you haven't received the email. Sometimes companies have a firewall that blocks email. In this case, you can manually share the card URL directly.

Forget Password email did not come?

In this case please check your spam or other promotion folders. Some organization firewall blocks the emails from

Why I am not able to download the pdf?

Download PDF is a premium feature and is only available on paid cards.

Sendwishonline For Business

Can I send the same card to multiple users?

Yes, you can schedule the same cards to multiple users. You can upload an excel with the user name and email ids. The same card will be delivered to all the users at the scheduled time.

What is Sendwishonline for business?

It is a separate admin portal to send a large volume of greeting cards. You can easily automate all the greeting cards with excel upload and manage your recipients. From holiday eCards to special occasions like birthdays, schedule all your group cards in advance.

Can I cancel my plan?

PrePaid card plans(year validity) purchases can not be canceled, but monthly subscriptions can be canceled at any time. It takes effect from the billing month.

Can I get a refund?

Once you purchase the Prepaid cards for the year, it can not be returned and payment can not be refunded. But for the monthly subscription, you can cancel anytime for the next billing cycle. In case of issues related to payment you can contact us [email protected]

Do I need to pay each time?

No, you can buy yearly prepaid cards or monthly subscriptions of cards.

Can I upgrade my plan or degrade my plan?

For pre-paid cards, you can not change the plan. For monthly subscription cards, plan upgrades or degrade will take place from the next billing month. No changes can be made for the existing month or billing cycle.

What are Pre Paid cards?

Prepaid cards are digital greeting cards that are valid for one year from the date of purchase. You need to use all the cards available in your plan after one year all the remaining cards will be expired and will not rollover.

Can I request an invoice?

Yes, you can find your invoice in the portal. If you have any issue you can contact us anytime.

Can prepaid cards renew?

Neither the payment nor the cards get renewed for next year. All prepaid digital cards are only valid for one year from the date of purchase.

Can unused cards roll over to next month?

In the monthly subscription plan, no cards can be rollover to next month, each month the card's limit gets renewed again.

Are any cards free to use?

This portal is a premium portal for our business users. For free cards visit