Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a group greeting card and how it is different from other e-card websites?

    A group greeting card is a digital greeting eCard that can be signed by multiple people.Also, you can schedule the time of sending a eCard and everything is free.Check demo eCard here

  • How much a group greeting card cost?

    The eCard is always free to use. There is no hidden cost. Although You can donate money if you want to contribute to website growth.

  • How many free eCards can I send?

    There is no limit on the number of eCards. Although there is a daily limit of 10 eCards created from one account. We have created this limit so that users don’t abuse the free service and send spams to people.

  • Can I delete an eCard after I create it?

    Yes, even after sending you are able to delete an existing eCard from your account. Only the author of the eCard can delete the eCard.

  • Is there a maximum number of people who can sign a group ecard?

    There is no limit on the number of signatures, the eCard receiver can check all the signature entries on the website eCard URL. Although when a user downloads the pdf they can only download the first 30 entries. Hundreds of entries make the pdf file very huge and time-consuming.

  • How do I invite others to sign the group ecard?

    You can send the eCard URL link via any social media channel. You can invite people within the application. Click invite contributors and it will give you 3 options.

  • How long is the group greeting card available?

    The eCard will be available online for one year from the delivery date. To keep it forever you can download pdf.

  • Are the group greeting card private?

    Those who have the eCard link can access the eCard. But, the eCard links are not searchable on the web. However, the eCards are not password-protected. You are responsible for whom you share the eCard with and how you share it (email, text, social media, etc.)

  • Do you have to register for an account to create the free eCard?

    Yes, Registration is important because you can edit or delete the eCard in the future. You can also delete the entries on the eCard. You can sign in via your Google and Facebook accounts also.

  • Do you need to register for signing the free eCard?

    For eCard sign, no registration is required. But it is good to register in order to edit the eCard later on.

  • How to delete entries in the free eCard?

    If a user is creating some substandard content during signature, you can delete that entry of the eCard. Only the author of the eCard is allowed to delete entry of the eCard. Goto my account-> group ecard-> select eCard and you can delete the entries from there.
    Note: For integrity purposes, you are not allowed to edit the entries.

  • Can I upload my company logo and name?

    You can send the eCard on your company behalf, In sender's name use your company name and advance settings during eCard creation you can upload your company's logo.

  • Supported browsers?

    Our main support browsers are edge, firefox, safari, and chrome. We do not support IE older versions.

  • Can I print the free eCard?

    A PDF version of the eCard will be available to download and print after the eCard has been delivered.

  • Do we offer physical delivery of free eCards?

    No, we don’t offer physical delivery of the free eCard.

  • Can I upload my own cover?

    Totally! On every ecard, you can upload your own cover.

  • My eCard won’t send, and I am getting error messages. What can I do?

    Sometimes the email goes to the promotion tab or spam tab. Please check other tabs in case you haven't received the email. You can also contact Us with a detailed message describing the error that has occurred.

  • How do I change the delivery date/time?

    You can change the delivery date and/or time anytime before the eCard is sent by following these steps: Click on Account on the top right of the screen (must be logged in).Click the group greeting card and select your eCard to editChange the delivery date to a new date/time and click the Update Changes button.

  • In case of custom requests, what should I do?

    You can send us a query with your detailed feature request. We will add this to the website if it is viable and useful for others.

  • What are premium cards?

    Premium cards are also group cards, but there are no advertisements on the card page. There are some extra features also available with premium cards like adding confetti, viewing as a slideshow, adding logo, etc. .

  • Can I get a refund after purchase?

    Once you purchase the Prepaid cards for the year, it can not be returned and payment can not be refunded. In case of issues related to payment you can contact us [email protected]

  • What is the cost of premium cards?

    It's 1.99$ USD per card.

  • Do I need to pay each time?

    Each time you want to make a card premium, you need to pay. For monthly subscriptions and yearly plans please visit our business portal here.

  • How can I send bulk cards?

    Use our business portal to send bulk cards

  • Can I get the physical card delivered also?

    No, all the cards you are paying on our website are only digital cards, which are available for download but no paper card will be sent from our side. You can print the cards on your own.