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Motivation & Inspiration ecards testimonies!

" These motivation ecards can be shared with anyone we like. They are so customizable.. @ Isaac Q."

" I shared motivation ecards with my close friends because I thought it would make him smile. Mission successful, and now I am using them for all occasions as well.. @ Lincoln M."

" The positive designs on the motivation ecards really inspire me to work more. Thank you for these wonderful options.. @ Anthony B."

What makes digital motivation & inspiration cards unique?

Our virtual motivation & inspiration ecard is used by millions of people around the world because it not only saves time, money, and the environment. There are plenty of other reasons why you should send free motivation & inspiration ecards.

Attractive designs

Motivation & Inspiration Card Slideshow

You can also play an online slideshow of the motivation & inspiration card. All the motivation & inspiration cards can be played as a slideshow with music in the background. This motivation & inspiration digital slideshow enhances the experience for card recipients.

save time

Signed By Multiple Coworkers

The beauty of a digital motivation & inspiration group card is multiple people can sign it. The online URL of the card can be easily shared via email, social media, whatsApp, slack, teams, or any message-sharing app.


Free Motivation & Inspiration Cards

Why spend money when you can get the best motivation & inspiration cards for free? That’s right we charge nothing. Create your first online motivation & inspiration card with us.

Free of cost

Motivation & Inspiration Group Card Can Be Styled

You can choose the free motivation & inspiration ecard or upload your custom design. Add amazing gifs, funny messages, music, and choose different kinds of font colors and sizes to make your card stand out.


Motivation & Inspiration Card Can Be Scheduled

Online motivation & inspiration group ecards can be pre-scheduled easily during creation. You don’t need to worry about forgetting any special day. Our website automatically schedules all of your motivation & inspiration cards for future dates.


Motivation & Inspiration Cards With Music

Musical motivation & inspiration cards for your loved ones are timeless classics. Music will be played in the background during card opening. Fully digital, and you can choose the music you want from our music library.

Virtual motivation & inspiration card demo

Those creating a group motivation & inspiration card for the first time might struggle to wrap their heads around the concept of virtual signing & remote collaboration. That’s why we took the time to create a preview of the online motivation & inspiration card!

Demo motivation & inspiration card

How motivation & inspiration group cards work?

It’ll only take a few minutes to create a beautiful and heartfelt online motivation & inspiration greeting card. Here are the steps that will deliver you the perfect motivation & inspiration greeting card to coworkers, friends & family

create birthday and anniversary group cards

Pick a motivation & inspiration card

Pick a motivation & inspiration card design that looks right for the motivation & inspiration. Add receiver info & delivery timings.

Add your message

Invite your team

You can email or text the online URL of the motivation & inspiration card to your group for signatures.

Send It Over

Send It Over

Virtual motivation & inspiration card will be delivered to the receiver’s email or can be shared directly via URL.

Why create an online motivation & inspiration eCard for coworkers?

Millions across the globe are favoring motivation & inspiration ecards over traditional greetings for friends, family, and colleagues. Here are the reasons why you should make the effort to create a online motivation & inspiration ecards.

Don't Let Your Buddies Face the Tough Times Alone

Inner struggles and external setbacks are an unavoidable part of being human. The good news is we don't have to leave someone we care about to muddle through alone. We can be their strength by sending motivational greeting cards to encourage them. Funny cheer-up cards can make their mood funny; they help someone through a rough day. Not just your friends and family, motivate your employees, coworkers, colleagues, or other people you meet in your daily life. Motivational ecards can inspire you in those moments when you need it the most.

Combating the Whole Tough Season of life

Inspirational greeting cards help you deliver a little light and support when people need your support the most. Start your encouragement cards with a personal touch. You can add any motivational quotes or some cheering-up quotes. You can use happy emojis to lighten up the mood. Send them a reason to laugh or to at least smile through your motivational cards. Choose us because we are now a household name when it comes to motivational cards. From providing you with the best services to giving you the most advanced features. These ecards are apt for your personal and professional requirements.

Motivation & Inspiration Card Questions

  • What is a group motivation & inspiration ecard?

    It’s a motivation & inspiration greeting card that can be signed virtually sign by multiple people. Its digital replacement of paper card which needs to be passed around the office for wishes. Virtual group cards can be shared via online URLs with your team members, family, or friends for signatures.

  • What is the difference between regular free motivation & inspiration ecards and premium motivation & inspiration ecards?

    Free motivation & inspiration Cards on the website contain google ads and premium cards do not contain any ads. There are much more differences that can be found here.

  • Can I schedule my motivation & inspiration card?

    Yes, you can schedule your motivation & inspiration card for some future date or send it manually at the desired time. If you don’t choose any schedule you need to send it manually.

  • How the motivation & inspiration cards are sent?

    If you enter the email while creating a motivation & inspiration card, it will be sent to that email otherwise you need to manually share the URL with the recipient that can be shared by email, WhatsApp, or any social media app.

  • It is possible to add music to the motivation & inspiration card?

    Yes, you can choose the music from our library.

  • Do we offer a physical copy or print of the motivation & inspiration greeting card?

    No. we are a digital greeting card company. All the motivation & inspiration cards will be virtual and will be only accessible online via the online URL.

  • How long the motivation & inspiration card URL is accessible?

    The card is accessible for 1 year from the date of delivery.

  • Can I download my motivation & inspiration card and print it?

    Yes, you can download the pdf of the motivation & inspiration card and print it on your own.

  • Can I personalize the motivation & inspiration ecard?

    Yes, you can upload your custom motivation & inspiration cover. Add related gifs, images, and messages to personalize the digital motivation & inspiration card.

  • How to sign an online motivation & inspiration card?

    motivation & inspiration ecards can be signed for friends, colleagues, coworkers, employees, or clients. Once the virtual motivation & inspiration group card is created, it can be shared with your office team or family to sign. With the online URL they will find the sign button. Multiple signatures can be added to a motivation & inspiration group card.

What to write in Motivation & Inspiration Card ?

The Role of Motivation and Inspiration Cards

Motivation and inspiration cards can play an important role in helping individuals stay focused and motivated towards achieving their goals. These cards often contain positive and uplifting messages, quotes, or images that can help to remind an individual of their purpose and the reasons why they are working towards their goals. They can also help to inspire and encourage individuals to continue pushing forward, even when they may be facing challenges or obstacles. Additionally, motivation and inspiration cards can serve as a tangible reminder of the progress that an individual has made towards their goals, which can be a powerful source of motivation in and of itself.

The Power of Motivation in Our Lives

Motivation is the fuel that drives us towards our aspirations and dreams. Life can be challenging, and at times, it's easy to lose sight of our goals and become demotivated. This is where inspiration cards step in as powerful tools to reignite the fire within. They act as small beacons of encouragement, reminding us to stay focused on the journey ahead.

Uplifting Spirits and Boosting Confidence

Motivation and inspiration cards possess the unique ability to uplift our spirits, boost our confidence, and instill a sense of determination. Whether it's a quote from a great thinker, a beautiful image that sparks joy, or a heartfelt message from a loved one, these cards have the power to make a profound impact on our mindset.

Overcoming Obstacles with Support

When we encounter obstacles and setbacks, receiving a motivational card from a friend or family member can be incredibly uplifting. It serves as a gentle nudge, reminding us that we are not alone in our struggles, and that there are people rooting for our success.

Tangible Reminders of Progress

Moreover, motivation and inspiration cards act as daily reminders of our progress. Life is a journey, and sometimes it's easy to overlook the strides we've made. These cards capture moments of achievement and serve as tangible proof of our determination and hard work. Reflecting on these accomplishments can rejuvenate our spirits and reinforce our commitment to reaching our goals.

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