How to view a card as a Board?

Discover how to harness the functionality of to view cards as a board! Explore step-by-step instructions and tips for organizing and managing your cards efficiently in a board format.

Unlock the full potential of your group cards by learning the art of creating wonderful group cards. This comprehensive guide takes you through easy and effective steps to personalize group cards for various occasions.

Make sure you are logged in before creating a new card or making any edits.


You can view the card. Gaze at the section below the card where you are given the option:

  • View as Board

Choose that option. 


From the main page choose the My Account option. Choose group card created and then you are presented with a dashboard that shows the status of your group cards. 


Choose the card that you want to view as a Board and simply click on the card or choose the view card option under more actions. 


Click on the view Board option present under the card and simply enjoy your card. 

Also, visit YouTube to see the tutorial video on 'How to Sign a Card'.