How to sign a card?

Discover how to personalize your messages and sign a card on! Explore step-by-step instructions and creative tips for adding a personal touch to your digital greeting cards.

Unlock the full potential of your group cards by learning the art of creating wonderful group cards. This comprehensive guide takes you through easy and effective steps to personalize group cards for various occasions.

Make sure you are logged in before creating a new card or making any edits.


The card was successfully created. If you wish to upgrade your plan to avail yourself of the best of benefits, simply choose the plan that best fits you. 

You are presented with three choices:

  • Invite contributors by sharing the link or using social media
  • Sign card to make your own personal entry
  • Send card once you are sure about everything.

From the options displayed to you, select sign card and move ahead. 


You are presented here with some more options to make the card even more wonderful. Choose to add gifs, stickers or images. 

You also have the option to search for the items according to your requirements.


Fill in the details and choose the styles of your writing. 


Write down a sweet and beautiful message for the receiver. If you are stuck with anything, simply follow the guide


Select save and then once done move back to the card. 


Right below your card, you get the option to make any edits and update it as and when you require. 


Your card is successfully signed. You can view the message by opening the card using the arrows given for your reference. 

Also, visit YouTube to see the tutorial video on 'How to Sign a Card'.