How to delete card entries and review messages or signatures before sending the card?

Discover how to efficiently manage card entries and review messages or signatures before sending them on Sendwishonline. Learn step-by-step instructions on deleting unwanted entries, ensuring accuracy, and enhancing the overall card-sending experience.

Unlock the full potential of your group cards by learning the art of creating wonderful group cards. This comprehensive guide takes you through easy and effective steps to personalize group cards for various occasions.

Make sure you are logged in before creating a new card or making any edits. 


On the main page choose the My Account Option. Choose Group Card Created and then you are presented with a Dashboard that shows the status of your group cards. 


Choose the card that you want to edit and click on the Edit Details right next to it. 


You come to a different page that allows you to Edit Card Details and Delete Messages. The feature to Re-order messages and Customize the Envelope is available for premium card users. 


Select the option of Review Messages. The specific messages added to the card will be displayed for you. 


Look at the Cross or cancel option beside every entry. Click the messages or entries that you want to delete. Select delete in the confirmation window and you are done. 


You can also add additional messages to your cards if you want and view it to see the final result.