What is the difference between free cards, premium cards, and premium plus cards?

Navigate the world of online cards with confidence. This guide breaks down the distinctions between free, premium, and premium plus cards, helping you make informed choices for your celebrations.

Free Cards

  • The Free Card option, available at no cost, is specifically tailored for personal use.
  • It provides a range of features that make it an ideal choice for individual occasions.
  • Users can schedule card delivery, play their cards as dynamic slideshows, select background music to set the tone, and include up to 30 signatures, fostering a communal atmosphere.
  • The Wish Board View allows for a visual representation of well-wishes, adding a personalized touch to the celebration.
  • This option enables users to create heartfelt and customized cards without incurring any expenses, making it perfect for personal events and gatherings.

Premium Cards

  • For those seeking an elevated experience suitable for professional settings, the Premium Card offers additional features at a cost of USD $2.99.
  • In addition to all the functionalities of the Free Card, the Premium version allows for unlimited signatures, making it suitable for broader business applications.
  • The introduction of the Wish Board PDF and Download Card PDF features enables users to capture and share the sentiment of the card in a more formalized manner.
  • The removal of ads ensures a polished and professional user experience, while added features such as confetti, the ability to upload a company logo, and securing the card with a password enhance the branding and privacy options.
  • With the inclusion of features like email invites, the Premium Card is a comprehensive solution for businesses aiming to send professional and polished greetings to clients, colleagues, and partners.

Premium Plus Cards

  • The Premium Plus Card, priced at USD $5.99, is designed for individuals who prioritize a rich video experience in their greetings.
  • Building upon the features of the Premium Card, it introduces the ability to include video messages, making it perfect for those who want to convey their sentiments through dynamic multimedia content.
  • This tier maintains all the features of the Premium Card, including the removal of ads, downloading card videos, adding confetti, uploading a company logo, and securing the card with a password.
  • The inclusion of video messages and the ability to reorder messages make the Premium Plus Card perfect for video enthusiasts seeking an immersive and personalized experience in their greetings.
  • Priced at a slightly higher tier, this option caters to users who value the expressive and engaging nature of video content in their greetings.

The diverse range of free, premium, and premium plus cards caters to a spectrum of user needs and preferences. 

The Free Card offers a comprehensive set of features for personal use, allowing users to create heartfelt and customized greetings without incurring any expenses. 

Moving to the Premium Card enhances the experience, making it particularly well-suited for business applications. With unlimited signatures, advanced branding options, and professional features like ad removal and secure passwords, it provides a polished platform for sending greetings in corporate settings. 

The Premium Plus Card takes it a step further, addressing the preferences of video enthusiasts by incorporating dynamic video messages. This tier, priced at USD $5.99, offers an immersive and personalized experience, perfect for those who prioritize the expressive nature of video content in their greetings. 

Whether for personal celebrations or professional communications, these tiers provide users with a flexible range of options to create and share meaningful greetings tailored to their specific needs and preferences.