40+ Funny Birthday Quotes + Wishes - Crazy Birthday Wishes

Don't let any birthday be boring. Birthdays come once a year and making it funny through an ecard is the easiest way to multiply the fun. Make your friend, brother, sister, or colleague laugh with your unique group greeting free wishes. 

These funny birthday wishes will make the birthday memorable and funnier! Share them with your loved ones and maximize the fun. Let’s start with funny birthday quotes and wishes for friends.

10 Funny Birthday Wishes For Friend

Your friend is your partner in crime and hence he or she deserves a funny birthday greeting for sure. Check out this collection of funny cake day greetings: 

  • Stupidity has no limit, It's boundless, and you showed it very well. I would have never known this if you were not my friend. Happy Birthday!
  • God has special grace on me. That's why he gifted me a complete non-brainy Friend. Happy Birthday! At least you have remembered your Birthday.
  • I will sing a happy birthday song so loudly that you will pay me for my work and I'll gift that money to you as a birthday present. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday, my dear friend. Have you remembered what good things you have done in the last 18 years? Just give me a party and make it good!
  • Party, cake, guests and I all are ready, but your face is still unready. Oh, sorry, you're already prepared, LOL. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday to the man who is the exact copy of mine. Now bake cookies like me.
  • Happy Birthday to the friend who probably hates the same person I do. Keep smiling until your jaw gives up on yourself.
  • Happy Birthday, friend! Enjoy your Birthday like Perry! Your face reminds me of an animal and its platypus.
  • Happy Birthday but pinky swear, my friend, I never got to your party and am still waiting for today's one.
  • Dear friend, old ages are waiting for you to be ready and Happy Birthday!

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10 Funny Birthday Quotes For Cousins

Cousins are a breath of fresh air and they totally deserve a funny birthday message. Check out this collection of laugh-worthy birthday quotes for cousins:

  • Cousins are so awesome and best; I mean, look at me. Happy Birthday!
  • You're my coolest Cousin with an idiotic sense. Thank God at least you have me. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday to the most beautiful Cousin in the world. Did I say 'to', I mean 'from'
  • Happy Birthday to the Cousin, who is non-other than a monkey, but you're still the best Cousin ever!
  • This birthday celebration is for my bookworm cousin who has become introvert pro max nowadays. Happy Birthday!
  • Now I have 2 best friends, and both are useless. What a coincidence. Happy Birthday my cousin cum friend!
  • Dear Cousin, stop eating and start dieting. Don't fall like Humpty and dumpty. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday, Cousin! What makes you the best, Cousin? Nothing! 
  • It's your Birthday today; my Cousin, don't be so quiet and calm, do some dance and song and breaks the floor. Happy Birthday Have a blast today!
  • Dear Cousin, now you're completely perfect for your shoe size. Happy Birthday! What's the next to achieve you want to do after this?

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10 Funny Birthday Wishes For Her

  • Happy Birthday to the most beautiful girl who owns the best gift In her life, ME. I didn't get you anything at all. 
  • Happy Birthday to the love of my life, which makes my life so crazy, adventurous and sometimes so scary!
  • No gifts are best than me but still you want gifts so wait for the next year and Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday! You're now all fit for a birthday dress, but I think your tummy doesn't support you, but I will. Wear that dress and cut the cake, baby.
  • For me, every day is like your Birthday because I make you feel special every day. So leave the Birthday and eat the cupcakes baked by me! Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!
  • Happy Birthday! Your grey hairs told me that you become young day by day. Don't hesitate to enjoy it as I have washed all the dishes for the party.
  • Happy Birthday to you. Now you're officially 30 ups it's 20. Come on, let's celebrate!
  • Happy Birthday, Sweetheart! Go and buy a beautiful dress for yourself under 1000 for your Birthday. I started to limit my budget!
  • I know you love me a lot but not more than I do, look at this celebration and the floor I have washed. Happy Birthday, darling!
  • Happy Birthday, blow the candles and wish that we will wash the dishes and all the household work together!

10 Funny Happy Birthday Messages Him

  • My sweet man, I think you need a lot of effort to blow this candle because you become fatty day by day!
  • Don't focus on your good looks; concentrate on the cooking. It's your Birthday today, dear. Happy Birthday!
  • Don't waste much time clicking the selfies. You have a lot of things to eat today. Happy Birthday, Honey!
  • Happy Birthday to the little more experienced boyfriend of mine. Have a blast birthday!
  • You always advise me to spend less money. Well, I have decided to take your advice and will not buy the birthday gift for you.
  • Happy Birthday, Baby! Congratulations on your 21,890th Birthday. Many more are still waiting for you.
  • Happy Birthday! I don't want to give you overrated things. That's why I give you kisses and hugs on your Birthday.
  • One more pimple is now on the way to you. Happy Birthday my Munchkin!
  • Happy 24th Birthday, my man! Don't order the costly cakes. It contains more sugar, and for your age, it is harmful.
  • On this Birthday I want to give you a cheer up for your nonsense ideas and talks. Happy Birthday, dear!

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Blessings and lovable birthdays could become boring and that’s why it makes sense to keep it funny. Choose the above funny wishes to make someone's day funnier than ever.

Do you have any other funny and hilarious cake day greetings? Drop them in the comments to spread the cheer! 

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