What's On Your Phone Game?

Welcome to another relaxing chapter of your life where you can easily relax with your colleagues and make up a tremendous informal night by playing the what’s on your phone game. The game with phone is very informal in the sense that you get to know your coworkers in a personal style and try to match the vibes. 

None of us is perfect and this game with phone just shows how the little things from our phones can bind everyone together even if it’s an imperfection. 

How to play?

You have the total right to make the what’s on your phone game as flexible as you want. The basic foundation of the game is that you have a few items on the list which you then present to your coworkers. The people analyse it and tick all the items that they have on their phones, each item has a specific point. The person who gets the maximum points wins the game. 

  1. List of items
  2. Allot points to each item
  3. Tick all the items you have
  4. The person with the most points wins the game.

The idea behind allotting different points to different items is to make it more interesting as there are some common things which everyone may have on their phone but then there are a few special or wild things only a few can have on their phone. 

Sample items!

Here is a list of sample questions or items that you share with your colleagues. For your convenience, we have tried to allot some points. You can change them anytime you like. 

1 point

  • Old selfie
  • Alarm set
  • A text message with a hmmm
  • Facebook app
  • Instagram app
  • Tiktok app
  • 5 unread notifications
  • Tinder app
  • Battery level below 59 per cent
  • Fitness app
  • Photo Editor
  • A to-do list

2 points

  • Crack on screen
  • Photo with a family member
  • Text from a crush
  • Throwback picture
  • 30+ videos
  • Photo of you at a party
  • A novel
  • Food delivery app
  • Contact starting with W
  • Photos of the sky
  • Candy crush game
  • follow 4 or more cities in a weather app
  • have over 200 contacts
  • 5 things scheduled on the calendar for the week
  • text from grandmother
  • pictures of famous landmarks

Extra Items

Here are some extra items that you can fit into any category of points you like. In case you run out of stuff to sneak up, the collection will come in handy. 

  • Funniest meme or GIF you have saved.
  • Most recently used emoji.
  • Most embarrassing song in your music library.
  • Last text message you received.
  • Most frequently used app.
  • The last thing you searched for on the internet.
  • Your favourite app that no one else knows about.
  • The weirdest app you have installed.
  • The last YouTube video you watched.
  • The last item in your shopping cart.
  • Last note or memo you wrote on your phone.
  • Most ridiculous group chat name you're part of.
  • Weirdest YouTube video you've watched.
  • Most hilarious internet search history entry.
  • Last food delivery order you placed.
  • Most outrageous voicemail or voice message you've received.
  • Most bizarre or unusual contact photo.
  • Most obscure podcast you've recently listened to.
  • The last photo on your phone that holds a special memory.
  • Most unusual or exotic location you've ever used your phone in.
  • Photo you took that captures a breathtaking sunset or sunrise.
  • Your favourite mobile game or puzzle app.
  • Picture of a book you're currently reading.
  • A book you've recently finished and loved.
  • Your phone's language-learning app.
  • Meditation or relaxation app.
  • Last charity or donation you made using a mobile app.
  • Most heartwarming text message you've received recently.
  • Photo you took at a historical landmark.
  • Current number of unread notifications.
  • Last song you listened to.
  • Last website you visited on your mobile browser.
  • Battery percentage remaining.
  • Number of apps on your home screen.
  • Time and date of your last alarm clock setting.
  • Current weather in your location as displayed on your phone.
  • Number of unread emails in your inbox.
  • App you use most frequently for messaging.
  • Last app you used to check the news.
  • Number of apps you have in your "Entertainment" folder.
  • Calendar events you have scheduled for today.
  • Last app you used for online shopping.
  • Total number of apps installed on your phone.
  • Current ringtone or notification sound on your phone.
  • Apps you have related to food or cooking.
  • Most recent app you used for reading eBooks or articles.
  • Number of apps you have in your "Productivity" folder.
  • Number of apps you have in your "Health & Fitness" folder.
  • Apps you have related to travel or navigation.
  • Last app you used for social networking.

You also have the advantage to play the what’s on your phone game on zoom calls or on google meet so that distances can’t destroy your special bonds with your colleagues. 

Start marking all the items that you have and look ahead for a lot of wild stories surrounding those items. You get to avail the benefits of a beautiful time with your near and dear ones by just playing the simple game.