Perfect This Or That Game To Keep You Engaged

Welcome to the gaming world with yet another addition that will make your office journey even more delightful. The idea of getting to know each other even more and finding some ways to break the awkward ice is the sole motive for playing this game. 

How to play?

As such there are no rules, all you have to do is ask one another some crazy and fun this or that questions which would open up their personality and give you a hint about the kind of person they are. 

Keep asking this or that questions to all the team players by taking turns. 

Keep some time limit (usually 5 sec)


To add a bit more creativity you can guess what the other person is going to answer and if you are right you earn an extra point. 

There can be various additions to the game, you just have to think out of the box. 

If you have a huge office group then there is nothing more that you require. Just dwell on the this or that questions game and think of the weirdest situations. Of course, start on a basic level and then raise your funny this or that questions to great standards. 

Here are some basic either or questions apt for your office environment. 

  • Tea or coffee?
  • Sweet or bitter?
  • Pizza toppings: meat or veggies?
  • Soup or salad?
  • Dog or cat?
  • Hot weather or cold weather?
  • French fries or a side salad?
  • Golf or bowling?
  • Running or walking?
  • Drawing or painting?
  • Singing or dancing?
  • Reading or writing?
  • TV shows or movies?
  • Novels or comic books?
  • Twitter or Instagram?
  • Long hair or short hair?
  • Beard or clean-shaven?
  • Bangs or no bangs?
  • Straight hair or curly hair?
  • High heels or flats?
  • Necktie or bowtie?
  • Watch or bracelet?
  • Backyard or front yard?
  • Rural or urban?
  • Basement or attic?
  • Heater or air conditioner?

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  • Sofa or bed?
  • Microwave or oven?
  • Windows closed or windows open?
  • Bath or shower?
  • Plane or boat?
  • Europe or Asia?
  • Aquarium or zoo?
  • Movie theatre or arcade?
  • Play or musical?
  • Hotel or hostel?
  • An art museum or a history museum?
  • New York City or Los Angeles?
  • Day trip or overnight trip?
  • Spontaneous trip or planned trip?
  • Travel alone or travel with others?
  • Bring a backpack or bring a suitcase?
  • Winter or summer?
  • Sleep too much or sleep too little?
  • Fantasy or drama?
  • Ability to fly or ability to read minds?
  • Go forward in time or go back in time?
  • Super tall or super short?
  • Three arms or three legs?
  • Swimming pool or hot tub?
  • Cemetery or haunted house?
  • Intelligence or strength?
  • Security or adventure?
  • Sight or hearing?
  • Time or money?
  • Creative or logical?
  • See into the future or change the past?
  • Immortality or mortality?
  • Introvert or extrovert?
  • Poor and happy or rich and miserable?
  • Pause or rewind time?
  • Happy fool or troubled genius?
  • Ugly and clever or attractive and dumb?
  • Child forever or adult forever?
  • Cheat or be cheated on?
  • End war or end world hunger?
  • Extreme emotions or emotionless?
  • Forget who you are or forget your partner?
  • Free healthcare or free education?
  • Famous or infamous?
  • Write a best-selling novel or direct a blockbuster movie?
  • Be allergic to chocolate or allergic to wine?
  • Watch the same movie forever or listen to the same song forever?
  • Be successful and famous or successful and unnoticed?
  • Lose your wallet or your keys?
  • Hungry or thirsty?
  • Lonely or famous?
  • Ghosts or demons?
  • Rom-com or horror?
  • Apple or Android?
  • Stand-up comedy or theatre play?
  • British or American humor?

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  • Saturdays or Sundays?
  • Paperback or e-book?
  • Card or cash?
  • Call or text?
  • Netflix or Youtube?
  • Marvel or DC?
  • Salad or sandwich?
  • Takeaway or restaurant?
  • Pancakes or waffles?
  • Pepsi or Coca-Cola?
  • Mountains or beaches?
  • Dawn or Dusk?
  • City or countryside?
  • Camping or hotel?
  • Backpacking or resort?
  • Holiday with partner or friends?
  • Active holiday or relaxing holiday?
  • Partying or sightseeing?
  • Shopping or sunbathing?
  • Ocean or pool?
  • Night owl or early bird?
  • Working hard or hardly working?
  • Email or phone call?
  • Brainstorming session or solo research?
  • Packed lunch or cafeteria?
  • Productive in the morning or afternoon?
  • Silent or lively office?
  • Open-plan or closed office?
  • Work from home or in the office?
  • Uniform or no uniform?
  • Higher salary or more holiday days?
  • A message with or without emojis?
  • Office romance or strict employee relations?
  • Soft tacos or hard tacos?
  • French fries or onion rings?
  • swimming pool or hot tub?
  • Winter or summer?
  • Sleep too much or sleep too little?

With the changing times, it is better that you adapt to new practices and for that, we suggest trying out this game on zoom calls. Everything will remain the same but what would add up to the excitement is the fact that no matter how much distance comes between you and your colleagues, everyone will try their best to connect with each other. 

This game will act like an awesome ice breaker when new members join the team as they will know about the little choices a person makes in their day-to-day lives. 

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