The Collection of Best Have you ever Questions

Welcome to another adventure with your colleagues. Today we have brought another addition to your informal nights. The simple game of have you ever will tell you numerous stuff about your coworkers in a lively manner. 

The have you ever game is somewhat similar to never have I ever. This game ensures that your colleagues accept the situations directly and end up telling the adventure associated with it. 

How to play?

The have you ever game is simple and has a lot of space for creativity. The basic requirements are a group of members and lots of alcohol. One member would be asking a set of questions or you can let every member get a chance at asking questions. It is up to you. The others after hearing the question have done the action asked and will have to take a sip. If nobody has done the thing then the person who asked the question has to drink. 

The winner of this game can be someone remaining with the most drinks or someone who had the most to drink. Everything is open to changes. Don’t forget to ask a lot of explanations of the actions done by your colleagues. 

  1. Group of people and alcohol
  2. One person to ask questions
  3. Others drink if they have done the action in question
  4. If nobody did it, then the person who asks the question has to drink
  5. Decide the winner

Have you ever questions?

We all are in need of some creative questions that would lighten up the mood of everyone and bring the entire team closer by showing how similar we are all. When it comes to games that can be played in the office, it is essential that you keep in mind that the questions are not offensive and so to help you out a bit, we have laid out a list of a few have you ever questions that can come in handy for your celebration.

  1. Have you ever peed in a pool?
  2. Have you ever kissed your best friend?
  3. Have you ever broken a bone?
  4. Have you ever used a fake ID?
  5. Have you ever had a crush on a teacher?
  6. Have you ever stolen from a classmate?
  7. Have you ever told someone “I love you”, and not meant it?
  8. Have you ever farted in the car?
  9. Have you ever cut your own hair?
  10. Have you ever DMed a celebrity?
  11. Have you ever been mugged?
  12. Have you ever gone on a blind date?
  13. Have you ever trespassed?
  14. Have you ever gotten a tattoo you regretted?
  15. Have you ever used someone else’s toothbrush?
  16. Have you ever done something so cringe in public?
  17. Have you ever peed in a bottle?
  18. Have you ever farted in public?
  19. Have you ever laughed so hard that a little pee came out?
  20. Have you ever helped a person in an emergency?
  21. Have you ever cooked drunk at night?
  22. Have you ever spent a whole week at home without going out?
  23. Have you lied today?
  24. Have you ever made up a rumour about someone?
  25. Have you ever skipped school?
  26. Have you ever cheated on an exam?
  27. Have you ever stolen from your mom’s purse?
  28. Have you ever slept outside?
  29. Have you ever committed a crime?
  30. Have you ever dumped someone?
  31. Have you ever tried to completely rearrange your life?
  32. Have you ever eaten Nutella straight from the jar with a spoon?
  33. Have you ever broken something really expensive?
  34. Have you ever eaten a whole cake all by yourself?
  35. Have you ever bought something and never used it?
  36. Have you ever eaten so much of something that you got nauseous?
  37. Have you ever slapped someone?
  38. Have you ever been on the radio or on television?
  39. Have you ever broken something, like a window, and run away?
  40. Have you ever gone skydiving, bungee jumping, or parasailing?
  41. Have you ever talked on the phone for more than two hours?
  42. Have you ever gotten lost in an amusement park or on vacation?
  43. Have you ever had a friend who shared the same birthday as you?
  44. Have you ever been out in the rain and really enjoyed it?
  45. Have you ever had something embarrassing happen to you?
  46. Have you ever had a near-death experience?
  47. Have you ever gotten in trouble at school or at church?
  48. Have you ever helped someone who was in danger?
  49. Have you ever drank soda pop, laughed, and had it come out your nose?
  50. Have you ever regifted something that you received as a gift?
  51. Have you ever gone camping in a tent?
  52. Have you ever had your cell phone ring at an embarrassing moment?
  53. Have you ever sung karaoke, or did a lip-sync song?
  54. Have you ever seen a human baby or a baby animal born?
  55. Have you ever had to get stitches?
  56. Have you ever paid for a stranger’s meal or drink, without them knowing it was you?
  57. Have you ever stayed in your pyjamas all day long?
  58. Have you ever climbed a tree, or gone up on a roof and couldn’t get down?
  59. Have you ever done a belly-flop off a diving board?
  60. Have you ever held a butterfly or another insect in your hand?
  61. Have you ever found a wallet or money that someone dropped?
  62. Have you ever ridden a ride that made you scream with fear?
  63. Have you ever lied to get something cheaper than it was?
  64. Have you ever won a contest and received a prize?
  65. Have you ever talked your way out of getting in trouble?
  66. Have you ever taken a picture of your face on a Xerox machine?
  67. Have you ever seen an actual tornado (not on TV or in a movie)?

There can be no barriers if you are determined to know each other in a better way. We have made it easy for you to enjoy the event even in remote conditions. Simply log into google meet or a zoom call and enjoy the time with your colleagues. Get to know them in an informal sense and share a sense of happiness. 

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