Naughty Or Nice List | Best Naughty Or Nice Questions List

Welcome to another kind of icebreaker to give you a relaxed time at your office. Naughty or nice is a well-thought game to bring you closer to your colleagues by sharing the most real situations a person can be in. 

How to play?

The rules of the Naughty or nice game are extremely simple. You make two columns on paper in which you pen down the nice and naughty questions. The respondents are asked to tick the box for whatever things they have done. You set a timer and let everyone finish accordingly. 

Once done cross check the list of everyone and then compare who has been the naughtiest and nicest in the group. Now time to award them the title of being the naughtiest or the nicest.

To add more creativity you can also assign a prize to the participants. 

  1. Two columns, one paper. List down the questions. 
  2. Tick box for naughty and nice things
  3. Cross-check with everyone 
  4. Compare the results and get your nicest and naughtiest member
  5. Award title and a gift

To fill up your sheet we have some sample naughty or nice questions that you can easily print out on a sheet and share with your colleagues. These are apt for your corporate life with a hint of informality to know everyone in their real situations. 


  • Paid for someone's coffee
  • Donated to a charity this year
  • Served food to the homeless
  • Bought a toy for a random child
  • Gift Christmas cookies to a stranger or neighbour
  • Hugged a stranger out of the blue
  • Ask for donations instead of birthday gifts
  • Delivered mom breakfast in bed
  • Shared your lunch
  • Played a board game and didn’t cheat
  • Clean up after other people
  • Donated blood

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  • Picked a flower for someone
  • Give a gift to a stranger
  • Told your mom or grandma they are beautiful
  • Given someone a compliment
  • Hand made a gift
  • Sent a Christmas card
  • Let someone move ahead of you in line
  • Caught up on reading
  • helped a friend overcome a dark time in their life
  • saved some money for myself
  • helped a poor child and their family
  • Go to a party
  • Hosted a party


  • Got a tattoo
  • Been fired
  • Peed in a swimming pool
  • Re-gifted a gift
  • Been slapped
  • Shoplifted
  • Slapped someone
  • Not washed your hands after the washroom
  • Put empty milk carton back
  • Went to bed without brushing teeth
  • Told a lie when you were in trouble

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  • Drink right out of the jug in the fridge
  • Picked your nose
  • Sneak peaked at your Christmas gifts
  • Told a kid that Santa isn’t real
  • Caused a fight
  • Returned a gift you have received
  • Showed up late for dinner
  • Binged all the shows I was looking forward to
  • Stole the office candy
  • Cursing is like using commas for me

It doesn’t matter if you are working remotely. You can hold an informal google meet or a zoom call and share the Naughty or nice list using an online form. Everyone gets to fill it out from the comfort of their house and yet enjoy the game to the fullest. 

The game is a great ice breaker as it brings you closer to reality and teaches you that no one is perfect and that we should be ready to accept and be happy with our colleagues the way they are. 

You can easily join your family members and play the game while some of you go down memory lane by remembering the beautiful times of life. 

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