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Welcome to another moment of relaxation where you can enjoy the drink if game with your colleagues and have a fun time interacting with each other over a few drinks. The drink if game is a kind of informal game where all the colleagues can try to break the ice and interact in such a way that they get to know each other informally. Welcome new members to your gang and celebrate the game with lots of drinks and some splendid drink if questions. 

How to play?

The drink if game is very simple and open to your additions. All you have to do is find someone who would become the master of the drink if game and ask questions. While others are supposed to be truthful the whole time and drink up if they could relate to the situation. There can be multiple scenarios and the wilder they get the better. Drink up as much as you can and see how similar your colleagues are. Create new bonds easily. 

You get the opportunity to decide on the winner. Either it can be someone who drinks the most (10 drinks) or someone who doesn’t drink up at all. You can increase the level of your questions as you move along. 

  1. One master to ask questions
  2. Players to stay honest
  3. Drink if you relate to the situation
  4. Decide upon a winner

Drinking game questions!

You can think of lots of uncomfortable drinking game questions to ask your colleagues but if there is any point where you get stuck then don’t worry we have got you covered with our silly and amazing questions that would light up your informal night celebration. 

Drink if:

  • You’re still only on your first drink
  • You’re still sober!
  • You’re drinking wine
  • You’re drinking beer
  • You’ve never had a bad hangover
  • You’ve been drunk in the last 48 hours
  • You’ve ever been arrested
  • You’re a smoker
  • You’ve got children
  • You’ve never left the country
  • You can speak more than one language
  • You’re the tallest in the room
  • You’re the shortest in the room
  • You’ve never driven a car
  • You’ve got a tattoo
  • You’re wearing heels
  • You’re engaged or married
  • You’re single
  • You’ve been texting whilst playing this game!
  • You’re not a pet person
  • You’ve got more than one piercing
  • You’re over 30

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  • You’re the last person to go to the bathroom!
  • You’re wearing anything pink
  • You’re wearing lipstick
  • You’ve ever lied about your age
  • have any number saved under a nickname instead of the real name.
  • have any phone number memorised.
  • You’ve ever thought a friend’s baby is ugly
  • You’re the youngest one in the group
  • You have brown eyes
  • You met up with someone from a dating app (it could be Tinder)
  • You’ve ever shoplifted
  • You prefer dogs over cats
  • You have siblings
  • You are vegan (or you were vegan earlier)
  • You’ve been dumped over text before
  • you’ve ever talked to yourself while looking in the mirror
  • You thought of starting a youtube channel
  • You turned down a marriage proposal
  • You tried to reason with a toxic man
  • You glowed up after a breakup
  • cry yourself to sleep
  • You’ve ever eaten a full box of chocolates by yourself
  • You’ve been to a bridal shower
  • You fight with your sibling over clothes
  • You’ve ever been drunk in an Uber with them
  • You wanted to tell your bestie that they’re a terrible driver
  • You watched a show just because they recommended it to you

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  • You have seen each other cry
  • You laughed so hard together that you peed your pants
  • You don’t have a good picture together
  • Your bestie hated your ex-boyfriend
  • You thought of starting the gym and never actually did
  • You were talking about the ‘tea’ and the ‘tea’ comes by
  • You have ever told a secret you shouldn’t
  • You’ve had a crush on your friend’s sibling
  • You thought of getting a matching tattoo
  • You skipped school just because your friend was sick
  • You used each other’s Netflix accounts
  • You’ve ever lied to get out of plans
  • You have kissed under the rain at least once
  • You said ‘I love you’ before the other person did
  • You wished your partner was older back in time
  • You’ve ever had a blind date
  • You pretended you didn’t hear him/her just to skip a question
  • You’ve ever gone through a partner’s phone
  • You thought that this current relationship was love at first sight
  • You forgot an anniversary date, birthday, or anything similar
  • You thought of making a baby

You don’t have to worry if you are stuck in remote situations, you can still have a great icebreaking session with your colleagues online. Get on google Meet or zoom calls and enjoy the drink if game in an awesome manner. Pack up your drinks and start drinking when the master of the game starts with the questions. You can even make your special drinks from the comfort of your house.

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