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Why Our Memory Lane Group Greeting Ecard

Our digital greeting card service provides a convenient way to create a Miss You virtual group card.Your whole group
can add photos, messages, or GIFs to make this Have to go group greeting card stand out.

Our memory lane Miss You eCard - Is Thoughtful & Caring

Have you ever tried getting a Birthday eCard signed by a bunch of friends or colleagues? Group wishes are cool, but they can be a real headache. The card needs to be passed around, nice words need to be thought of quickly, and ā€“if people are living in different places ā€“ FedEx needs to be figured out. To simplify group wishes, we have come up with the idea of Online Group Greeting Cards! Our free group electronic cards are the best way to send wishes, greetings and keep distant friends and colleagues connected.

Our memory lane Miss You eCard - Can Remove Distances

Want to wish Miss You to a friend living abroad or a coworker working from home? No issue! Our digital Have To Go greeting card will allow you to gather unlimited signatures just by sharing a link.

Our memory lane Miss You eCard - Is Private & Secure

You can add a password for your greeting card. Everyone who wants to add a message on your group card has to enter a password. You can easily share the url of the card with your whole team via your internal tools or mails. No need for login to sign the card.

Our memory lane Miss You eCard - Always Free

There is no cost for using any virtual greeting cards on our website. No more hassles for driving to any store for buying paper greeting cards or using other paid services. You do not require any credit card to send Our memory lane Miss You eCard

Got any queries to ask? Send them at [email protected] and have them answered by our experts!