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Thank you to all MLH staff!

To Martin Luther Homes Staff - from Martin Luther Homes Community

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Thankyou for your hard work in difficult conditions. Staff always seem down to earth and friendly and respectful to the residents.

- Fred Tranter

I always appreciate your hard work, dedication and kindness in the way you take care of my mum. To all staff members at MHL.

- Frank Gutsche

..if I ever have to be moved to a nursing home it has to be MLH! I have seen and experienced a few other places before I was able to get a room for Ernst at MLH. I know he is in the best place with outstanding care. A big thank you to everyone at MLH making Ernst's life so much easier and pleasant for him.

- Edi v.Nordeck

Thank you for all the wonderful care and support that you give to my mother Ingrid Rettkowicz.,Know how greatly we appreciate all that you do.

- Sue Green

Thank you to all the wonderful carers who look after my mother Barbara Akister. Her family all appreciate your kindness & care to her.

- Cheryl Osment

Thank you for all your hard work and commitment during these challenging times. I appreciate everything that you have done and the dedication shown taking care of my mum.

- Robert Pelle

Thank you ALL for the wonderful contribution you have made for such a long and dificult period in the history of Martin Luther Homes. Only you individually know as to how much you have done. It certainly played a great part in getting MLH financially through this time. Many thanks THANKS again! Dietmar (Treasurer)

- Dietmar Reichert

Thanks so much for caring for our mother, grandmother and great grandmother. From the family of Rita Malitis

- Ilze Gordon and family

What makes me happy is to see, how well my husband Horst is looked after by very friendly cares. My thanks to you all, Christel

- Christel Huwald

Where would the world be, without good people like the gracious staff at Martin Luther? My hope is that you will all be rewarded with the same level of devotion when you need it.

- Mike Welsh

I am so thankful for the blessing you have all been to our residents. It has been such a difficult couple of years and your dedication in providing individualised care is greatly appreciated.

- Geoff Miller (MLH Board)

Thank you for all you do for my mum. Especially the way you keep her connected with the MLH community and give her a sense of belonging.. Your efforts are very much appreciated.

- Julia Raynes

Thank you for all the wondering caring you do at MLH. During the difficult Covid years you all showed how exceptional you all are, providing the great care under strenuous and challenging times. Well done. We appreciate all you do for Wilhelm on a daily basis and over.the many years. Thank you and ...

- Fam Berchtenbreiter

Thank you so much for looking after Auntie Niki (Ghalaini). She loves it at Martin Luther Homes but only because of all the love and care she receives from everyone. Thank you and God bless you all.

- Peter Ghalayini

Thank you for your commitment to the MLH residents and to their wellbeing. Your dedication makes all the difference!

- Sabine Hammond

Heartfelt thanks for all you do for our residents. Your care and love for our "seniors" is greatly valued and appreciated. Thank you so much.

- Graham Barrie

Thank you so much for all you do for our Residents. You make an enormous difference to the lives of our precious folk eveyday with everything you do for them. You are great valued and appreciated.

- Graham Barrie

Thank you to to our wonderful staff! You are truly amazing. I am very proud of you and thanks for the extra mile you go every day for our residents and your peers. You are an exceptional team!

- Birgit

A sincere THANK-YOU for all contributing to the safety, protection and care of my Mother and all of the Martin Luther Residents - since Mum arrived in Jan 2020, we didn't have much of an opportunity to settle her in before Covid... having faced months of this constant threat, lock-downs, lockouts an...


Thanks for all the friendly, professional and dedicated care our loved ones receive from the staff at MLH.

- Jutta for Irene

We really appreciate everything all the staff at Martin Luther Homes do for my parents every day! Especially through Covid. Thank you all so much. From the extended Donker family

- Mieke Menzies

Thank you to all the staff who have played a role in the care and wellbeing of my mother Elaine Pickett. Our family very much appreciate all you do especially the fantastic job of keeping her safe during the worst of Covid where many failed.. I could not think of a better place for her to be. regards, Garry Pickett

- Garry Pickett