40 Wedding Anniversary Quotes & Messages: Happy and Funny Wishes Included

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That’s why Send Wish Online – a free ecard website – decided to share the best wedding anniversary quotes to say HAPPY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY in a special way.

Read on and discover the best wedding anniversary quotes and messages!

Quotes for a happy anniversary

  • The echo of your love and the sound of the sea have a few things in common: they are both constant and eternal. Happy anniversary love!
  • I would choose you if I could go back in time and do it all over again. I wish you a happy anniversary, my dear.
  • Congratulations on your wedding anniversary! May God continue to bless and delight you.
  • The sweetest anniversaries are the reward of persevering through life's most trying circumstances. Happy anniversary dear
  • You haven't grown bored of me and thrown me out after all these years of relying on you. Let's hope you continue to be like this for the rest of your life. Happy wedding anniversary!
  • I believe it's extremely lovely how the essence of love can bring two strangers together, and I hope this love lasts for many years to come.
  • Our anniversary will remind you of the happiest times of our relationship, but it will also remind us of the challenges you overcame to get there. Happy anniversary sweetheart!
  • As we grow older together, may our love grow even stronger? I wish you nothing but happiness for the rest of your life. Happiest of anniversary!
  • As we did years ago, I hope you and I have a happy, healthy, and beautiful life together in the future.
  • May the rainbow of love form as the light of happiness shines through the clouds of misunderstandings in our lasting partnership. Happy wedding anniversary to us!

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Cute wedding anniversary quotes 

  • May the love you share on your wedding anniversary grow stronger and more rewarding as time passes.
  • Congratulations on another year of deepening your love for one another. Congratulations on your anniversary!
  • I hope each day you spend together is more wonderful than the one before it! Happy wedding anniversary!
  • May the love you've had for the past five years of your marriage grow even stronger as you grow older together. Happy anniversary, and here's to everything that lies ahead!
  • You make your marriage so simple and beautiful! Here's to another 20 years; let's make cheers!
  • Here's to another year of travelling hand-in-hand and heart-to-heart down the path of life! Happy wedding anniversary, guys!
  • After so many years together, you can still see that euphoric first love in your eyes. You are an inspiration to all of us, and may you continue to be so for a long time. Very happy wedding anniversary to you both!
  • You're both strange. Congratulations on being destined to be together!
  • It's one thing to fall in love; it's another to stay in love. But you've done both of it, and you're an example to the rest of us.
  • Happy wedding anniversary to my favourite couple; you both look stunning together. May God bless you with cute babies and happiness.

Unique quotes for a wedding anniversary

  • To my better-in-every-way half, I wish you a happy anniversary. Seriously, you're incredible.
  • I enjoy sharing my life with you. Happy wedding anniversary!
  • You brighten my life, much as the smiles in our photos. I love you. Happy anniversary my cheesy tangle!
  • Everything seems sweeter since I met you, from sending you good night texts to wishing you good morning. Happy wedding anniversary!
  • The good things in life are even greater when you're around. Happy anniversary!
  • I consider myself extremely fortunate to be married to someone as wonderful as you. Here is another year of our togetherness!
  • I'll never be able to express how lovely you are, how much you make me laugh, and how much you mean to me. To my one true love, I wish you a happy anniversary.
  • Happy anniversary my darling! Thank you for accepting me just as I am.
  • I'd rather be right here by your side, with your hand in mine, than anywhere else. Happy anniversary love!
  • You are the one thing I will always be confident about in a world where many things are unclear. Happy anniversary to both of us!

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Funny wedding anniversary quotes 

  • There's no one I'd prefer to watch TV with on the couch except you my husband. Happy anniversary!
  • Amazingly, we've been together for as long as we have. Happy wedding anniversary, dear!
  • I'm not sure how you put up with me, but then I recall that I put up with you as well, so we're even. I love you.
  • Even if your snoring drives me insane, I wouldn't want to share my bed with anyone else. Happy anniversary babe!
  • A very happy anniversary to you! Let's grab some takeout and get ready for bed by 10 p.m.
  • I'm yours to keep. There will be no refunds and a lot of stress
  • I'm a little jealous of you at times. After all, you married the most attractive and intelligent lady on the planet. Dearest hubby, I wish you a happy anniversary!
  • The best people to tell a secret with our husbands because they never listen anyhow.
  • If you don't succeed the first time, try again. This time, follow your wife's instructions to the latter!
  • My wife, I would like to wish you a happy anniversary. Yes, you're still the person I'd like to irritate for the rest of my life.
  • These best anniversary quotes will help you express your lover and tell your partner how much you love them. Send them to wish your partner a HAPPY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY.

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