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Read on and discover tips with which you can create a perfect get well soon card for your dear ones.

Choose The Best Card

It's important that you select the best card. Try to select one that is funny, emotional or animated. Cards like these can catch our eyes and their attraction makes the receiver more delighted. 


Messages are really important. No matter how wonderful your card, if your words aren't proper, it would make the receiver feel bad or maybe embarrassed. Try to select your words properly so that in tough times you can make your dear ones smile. 


Pictures always add a personalised touch. Remember the best moments you shared together and add those pictures. It's like taking you back to the past to encourage you to get better for the future. 


Gifs are the new trend now. They are funny, cute and lots of other things that we can't do. They just add more fun to the card and that's exactly what we need right now. Let's distract our dear ones from the pain with this simple trick. 

Offer Support

During hard times the people who support and help us out are no less than a blessing. So you should offer support to all your dear ones by carrying out simple tasks. Also, let them know about it in your cards so that they feel relieved about the incomplete tasks and relax. 

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Positive Vibes

Your cards should have positive vibes. Try not to talk about any negative thing as that could make the receiver upset. Stick to encouragement and ask the person to get well soon.


Add the links for some of their favourite songs or maybe the songs you want them to hear. When feeling low, it can make them feel better and also it would give them a chance to open your card again. 

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Share Jokes

Fill up your card with some jokes as that will give the healing soul an immediate reason to laugh and distract them from the suffering even if it is for a short time. 


Write a few lines listing the reasons why they should get better. It's always an exciting section that would surprise them. Make it fun to get some laughs. 

Good Times

Talk about good times in your card as that would encourage them to fight the illness and come back stronger. Everyone needs motivation and you are just giving your dear ones the same. 

Above are the best tips to create a perfect get well soon ecard. The best part is these ecards can be easily shared through social media channels, Whatsapp or email. 

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