13 Fun Employee Engagement Activities and Ideas for 2022

Employee engagement isn’t a new concept. Organizations across the globe undertake activities to boost creativity, productivity, engagement, and team bonding. Still, some businesses struggle in choosing the right employee engagement activities as they are not sure which ones are perfect for them. That’s why we decided to create this post and share the best employee engagement activities with you.

In this post, Sendwishonline - a leading business ecards company - will share 13 fun employee engagement activities to help businesses maximize team bonding and engagement.

Let’s start!

Ideas for fun employee engagement activities

Celebrate special occasions

Special occasions like birthdays, farewells, and anniversaries can easily be celebrated in a working environment. Celebrating events like these makes the employees feel valued and respected by all. This way, you improve your working conditions and come closer to one another. 

Talent night

Talent night could be one such night in the month where you allow your employees to show their hidden talents and hobbies. Singing, dancing, mimicry, and comedy are popular amongst corporate employees. This way, you communicate that you accept every side of your workers and honour their creativity. 

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Creative activities

Creative activities like paintball fights or laser light fights can be a huge ice breaker for everyone. Relieving the stress of the whole month and enjoying a day like kids is something every adult looks forward to. So, let's just give it to them and boost their morale and engagement while doing that. 

Treasure hunts

Simple treasure hunts can be planned around the office to surprise your employees with something great. Maybe, create a treasure hunt wherein you hide everyone's bonus or gifts and ask them to get involved. Such activities are fun and creative for all. 

Informal check-ins

There are times in life when we need a strong support system but aren't sure who to talk to, especially in the office. As a leader or HR, you can reserve one day every week for informal check-ins just to show your employees that they have someone to count on. This fun employee engagement activity will help you create a fantastic work culture.

Wellness programs

Wellness drives can also be organized wherein you take your whole team to a peaceful location for meditation or maybe to a yoga ashram for a couple of days. It will help them in relieving their stress and making better plans for their bright future.

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Cooking classes

Cooking can be simple and complex at the same time. But imagine the fun that you would have working with your colleagues on some tasty dishes just to eat together later. This is also a fun and exciting activity for your workplace. 

Fun lunchtime

Make your lunchtime great as you all eat together and discuss the happenings of your day. Encourage your team members to avoid sitting alone and consider eating together during their lunchtime. A company should have a canteen where everyone can sit together and interact. This is fun in itself and builds strong relations. 


There are many easy and fantastic games that can easily become a part of your corporate culture. For instance, games like dumb charades are fun and exciting that can involve your entire staff and provide them with an amazing time. You can also try puzzle-solving games to boost the productivity of your employees. 


Healthy competition among the employees is also a great way to improve the morale of employees. Competitors like whichever team finishes the task first will get 10 extra minutes during lunchtime. Something that is healthy and doesn't spread negativity among each other. 

Comedy night 

Give your employees a refreshing time by calling up a comedian to your office or you can also ask your employees to show their hidden talent of stand up comedy. Funny interactions with the speaker and neat jokes can make anyone feel relaxed and happy. Companies should definitely go the extra mile for their employees' benefit. 

Office party 

Events like cocktail parties are great to forget all the deadlines and projects while relaxing with a drink in hand. Getting a chance to know your employees better can be a foundation of informal nights. This would allow you to come closer to your colleagues and get to know them better. 

Fun employee engagement activities: Final thoughts

We hope that the above post will help you learn about the best tips and ideas for fun employee engagement activities in 2022. The mental and physical health of your employees is very crucial for business growth. Fun employee engagement activities will help you in improving overall health of your employees. Have queries in mind? Drop them in the comments to get a quick reply from our team of experts.

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