10 Unicorn Birthday Invitation Cards to Get Inspired

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With a lovely unicorn invitation, get the children excited for your celebration! These adorable unicorn party invitations and free unicorn invitation templates will surprise your little guests for use. Free invitation layouts include rainbows, mermaids, princesses, and more, covering all of your favourite unicorn styles. Choose a template and personalize it with photographs, music, text, and colours.

In this blog, Send Wish Online shares 10 unicorn birthday invitation cards samples to get you inspired.

Free unicorn birthday invitation cards

Want to discover creative, cute and funny unicorn invitation cards? Here you go!

1. Sweet Unicorn Birthday Invitation

This lovely free unicorn birthday invitation is the best invitation for your child’s birthday celebration. You may be certain that your baby girl is well prepared for the celebration! This kind of card includes excellent birthday invites.

The invitation cards can be created offline in postcard, tiny, and classic sizes with three colour palettes and silhouette forms. It will totally look amazing!

2. Unicorn Gold Foil Birthday Invitation

This wonderful unicorn invitation’s simple and bright design is unique in itself. And the foil decoration provides a touch of gorgeousness that makes this invitation sparkle! There are five colourful colour themes and four silhouette designs to choose from, as well as a tag.

3. First Birthday Unicorn Glitter Card Invitation

You will like the design and believe it’s the ideal invitation for even the young unicorn fan. Because it’s customizable, you can use it even if your birthday girl (or boy) is older. It can be created in six different shapes offline. If you want to make it online, well, browse our collection of animated birthday cards.

4. Pretty Flowers Unicorn Birthday Party Invitation

Aww, she’s such a sweetheart!! Her mane has a flower in it, which everyone likes. It is a beautiful card to go with a unicorn party, and this store can also make matching signs, banners, favour tags, and other decorations to go with it. A good pick for a unicorn invitation card for girls.

5. Magical Unicorn Birthday Invitation

This lavender colour is gorgeous! Purple? Or how about lilac? What do you think it’s called?

It’s beautiful no matter what name you call it. The little pastel stars were sprinkled over a pastel rainbow, all of which complement her lovely pastel mane, which is quite fascinating. This unicorn invite template is selectable to match your party décor.

6. Fairytale Castle Unicorn birthday Invitation

This unicorn invitation card is one-of-a-kind, with stunning watercolours and storybook-worthy graphics. It is a great pick for any age group and would be ideal for a gender-neutral invitation. It’s available in six different bespoke forms offline but can be created in any way online using best free ecard makers like Send Wish Online.

7. Jump for Joy Unicorn Birthday Invitation

We wish everyone were as cheerful and carefree as this unicorn card design! This unicorn aspires to be a pegasus, but her lack of wings hasn’t stopped her. A great pick for a unicorn birthday invitation card indeed.

This digital invitation may be customized to your colour scheme, and the text can be altered, erased, recoloured, or scaled to fit your needs.

After mastering the invitation, check on this unicorn cake recipe too!

8. Fluttering Eyelashes Glitter Unicorn Birthday Invitation

This fantastic unicorn invitation is enhanced with feminine watercolours and gold glitter sparkles. And must tell you, we’re all jealous of those lashes!

Customize your unicorn birthday ecard with Send Wish Online and download by changing the party details and RSVP information as needed. A free matching thank you card design can also be included in this bundle.

9. Rainbows and Unicorns Birthday Invitation

What could be better than a simple unicorn themed birthday invite? Of course, a unicorn and rainbow-themed birthday bash! These charming miniature flip-flops, ice cream cones, and heart sunglasses are featured on these summertime-themed birthday invites.

Customize your invitations by adjusting the font style, colour, and size in the text fields. You may also include your graphics, such as photographs if desired.

10. Magical sky unicorn birthday invitation

This stunning sky unicorn invitation is a one-of-a-kind card in the premium invitation card category and is loved by everybody. This card has basic multi-coloured patterns on the sides and stars in the center, as well as a unicorn. Write all of the birthday invitation’s details at the bottom of the card. The best thing about this card is that it is incredibly lovely and has a mystical touch.

Create unicorn birthday invitation cards for free

Everyone loves unicorn birthday invitation cards and that’s why Send Wish Online has so many of them. Create gorgeous unicorn birthday invites with photos, addresses, gifs, colours, and typography that matches your occasion. The 10 Unicorn Birthday Invitation Cards are seen above.

If you’re throwing a girl birthday party, use our online invitation tools to create magical sky unicorn birthday invitations. Send Wish Online is also on Pinterest, where you can find unique unicorn card ideas, unicorn card DIY hacks, and unicorn designs.

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