10 Things to Remember While Designing Business eCards

Online cards are favoured by businesses to wish employees on special occasions and events. The best thing is that designing a business e-card for your small business is super easy if you are following the right tips and ideas. 

Still, some small businesses avoid investing in ecards as they are not aware of how to create perfect ecards. That’s why Sendwishonline -  a leading business ecards company - decided to create this post and share 10 things to remember while designing business ecards for your small business. 

Let’s start!

Tips to Design Business Ecards

Below are tips and ideas that will help you in designing perfect ecards for your business.

1. Eye-catching design

Make sure that the design you select means something or is filled with lots of attractive colours and figures. This way, you get the attention of the receiver easily when they open the email or messaging app. 

The texture holds attention for a long time and is always remembered. So, choose the one that matches their personality and has an attractive appeal. 

2. Highlights 

Card highlights create a huge difference. That’s why sendwishonline.com makes sure that its business ecards bring a lot to look forward to. We offer the ability to add music, gifs, and pictures to make your business ecard look more authentic and have a personal touch. You also get the option to add your company logo and make the card truly professional. 

Funny birthday ecards for coworkers to wish on cake day.

3. Customize

We allow our customers to customize the card, adjust the design, alter the highlights, and do a lot more from the comfort of their home or office. Our customer service is always ready to answer your queries and help make a perfect ecard. 

4. Personal message

Sign the business ecard with a personal message to add a unique touch. There are times when things couldn't be said face to face. So, it becomes important that you mention them in your business ecard and let the receiver know your true heart. This will also help you in building better relationships at the workplace. 

5. Sign it accordingly

Always keep receivers in your mind while creating an ecard. This prevents you from getting too formal or informal while signing off the card. If you share a personal relationship with the receiver, then give subtle hints to your inside jokes. Never make it seem obvious as other team members would also sign the card and may view your thoughts. 

Funny get well soon ecards for employees. 

6. Collaborate 

It’s possible to include multiple people to sign and create memories through their collaboration. This is very ideal for remote teams as they can maintain strong relations and celebrate the special events in a really wonderful way from the comfort of their homes. 

7. Look beyond normal 

It's always better to experiment and go beyond the obvious. Our business ecards have a huge collection of unique cards for you to choose from. So, take some time to identify unique birthday, appreciation, and holiday ecards.  

8. Know the occasion

It is important that you know the occasion and accordingly creates the business ecard. Chose supportive cards for moments of sympathy while going bold toward office party cards. If you are scheduling the card, make sure it’s displaced on the right day and time. 

Create employee appreciation ecads with Sendwishonline. 

9. Keep it professional

Always keep it professional while creating ecards for your workplace. Even if you share a friendly relationship, never try to spoil it by making crude jokes or remarks. This way, you can make the best of business ecards and prevent misunderstandings from emerging. 

10. Practice 

If you aren’t 100% sure about making a business ecard and inviting others then simply make a rough card before and address all your doubts. This prevents you from making mistakes and the most authentic and special ecard reaches the receiver. 

Start creating business ecards

We hope that the above post will help you learn about the best tips and ideas to create a perfect business ecard. Using business ecards will also help you in saving the time and money you spend on buying paper cards. 

Have queries to ask? Drop them in the comments to get a quick reply from our team of experts. 

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