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1. Use funny gifs for your ecard

Everyone loves gifs but not everyone knows that they can be used in greeting cards to get laughs. If you design an ecard using SendWishOnline, you can choose a variety of gifs to make it truly unique. While there is no end to types of gifs, funny gifs work best for creating memories. You can use cartoon, event, reaction, and meme focused gifs to get massive guffaws. A cool idea for your next greeting card indeed!

2. Use moving personal messages

Nothing strikes the chords better than handcrafted and well-thought personal messages. Ecards are the perfect way to give a personal touch with words since you can completely change the text. In traditional greeting cards, you can't do that and have to make do with what's already written on it.

In digital card greetings, there is also no capping of space to scribble. Just write your message on the ecard, set the timing, and send it to your loved one!

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3. Use unique messages

Can’t think of something personal? A unique message can do the magic all the same. Google unique messages as per event in question and use floral pattern ecards with perfect gifs and fonts to jot down your favorite one.

Google has an unending supply of unique messages. Just find 30 minutes from your schedule and you will discover a true gem. Another amazing greeting card idea for the win.

4. Use unique font styles

Font styles help add more personality to the message. There are hundreds of them out there. While making a creative greeting card, use a cool font style and play with the size as well. From Glacial Indifference to good old Calibri, there are a lot of options to choose from.

Pick the ones that fit your greeting message. Our personal favorite for creative greeting cards is Bradley Hand.

5. Add memories to your ecard

What makes an ecard memorable? Well, pleasant memories jotted down on the card is a nice way to start. If you have some cute memories with the recipient of the card, then, it makes sense to add the same.

Got a photo that will bring a smile to the beloved’s face? Upload it to the ecard maker, note down some funny memories, and you are good to go!

6. Use creative animated ecards

Animated ecards are the next-big-thing. Messages integrated with animations give a more personalized feel to the greeting card. Choose between funny, unique or cute animations to surprise the recipient.

More creative your animation card idea, the more hearts you will win! This is literally the best creative greeting card idea right now.

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7. Create group cards

Why send an individual card when you created a group card by joining hands with friends. Group cards for birthdays, weddings, and baby showers make a lot of sense. Creating a group card is super easy with Send Wish Online.

All you have to do is make a creative card and then upgrade it to a group card.


8. Compliment with a gift

A greeting card will touch the heart but if you want to make a bigger impact, it’s a good idea to compliment your creative online greeting card with an offline gift. Browse Amazon’s gift pages to discover unique gift-worthy items.

In case you know the person quite well, just spend some time thinking ‘what might he or she need?” and you will come up with something worth buying.

9. Make a video

If creative greeting cards seem like something that everyone is working on, then, why not come up with a video? A video curating messages from friends, old memories, photos, and messages can truly surprise the recipient.

This is not a creative greeting card idea but well isn't your goal to make the recipient feel special? This will totally get the job done.

Creative greetings cards ideas: Wrap up

Above is the list of 9 creative greeting cards ideas to win hearts and laughs.

We hope that our list of unique greeting cards inspired you to come up with amazing wish cards. Did we miss any greeting card tip or hack that you use to design offline or online cards? Let us know in the comments!

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