8 Steps to Create Perfect Birthday Cards Online in 2021

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Step 1: Pick a card template

Whether you will be part of the birthday celebration or wish from a far, a birthday card is the easiest way to spread the cheer. While there is nothing more precious than a personalized happy birthday message, creating it is a big challenge.

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Step 2: Create a unique message

While your happy birthday card should score in terms of design, your personal message will make the biggest impact. It’s challenging to think up a unique birthday card message but make the effort. Take some help from Google or Instagram to identify unique birthday wishes.

Personalize birthday cards with hand-picked happy birthday sentiments and phrases. Or ask your copywriter or creative friend to share something unique.

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Step 3: Add a gif or two

Gifs are super popular these days. Everyone is using them to express complex emotions in a funny way. Use Happy Birthday GIFs to personalize your online birthday card.

Download birthday animations focused on pop culture, cartoons, or memes. Choose from sound-enabled GIFs to customize your ecard. It’s a fast and fun way to create birthday cards online!

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Step 4: Customize the design

Top online virtual card tools like Send Wish Online have limitless customization options. Experiment with background colors, layout, fonts, and everything else to create your birthday card online.

Fill in the information on the front of an invitation card and then modify the layout on the back based on how much text, pictures, and photos you want to insert. This seems long but can be done within a couple of minutes!


Step 5: Upload your photos

After you’ve decided on the style and design of your card, you’ll need to upload the pictures if you feel like. To make it obvious whose birthday is being celebrated, use a fun picture on the front of an invitation card.

A picture of you and the birthday boy/girl on the happy birthday card is a lovely way to show your connection. If you want a more neutral feel, use a group photo. This is how the best birthday cards are made online!

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Step 6: Add the details

After you’ve decided on the crucial details, it’s time to ship the happy birthday card. Double-check everything you have added. A typo is the last thing you want on your carefully crafted birthday greeting!

In case you want to make the individual card into a group card, you can easily do that with Send Wish Online. Jump to the next point and you will know-how.

Step 7: Create a group card

Do you know what’s better than an ecard? It’s an online group card! Create a group birthday card by collaborating with your friends and family. Begin with a ready-made template and share with people to add their unique twist. With Send Wish Online, it’s super simple and fun to create a group card.

You may also use our wish board to send numerous signs and wishes to someone on their birthday. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday of a friend or coworker, Send Wish Online can help you create birthday cards online for free.


Step 8: Press Send

Give the final touch-up to your card by reviewing it and your card will automatically open from the envelope. Trust us, it will look marvelous when the birthday boy/girl will receive it!

Send the card directly to the birthday baby or your friends or family for additions. If you want to schedule the delivery, then, you can totally do that as well after creating the happy birthday card online.

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Above are the 8 steps to create the perfect happy birthday cards online.

A custom birthday greeting card is loved by everyone. Create a beautiful DIY birthday card with meaningful sentiments using templates, gifs, colors, and words that best match your personality.

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