40 Belated Birthday Quotes, Messages, and Wishes: Images Included

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Belated Birthday quotes to a friend

Missed your friend’s birthday? No worries, check out this collection of belated birthday quotes and messages to make the perfect greeting:

  • My dear friend, as you know, I am not good at remembering dates, but I want to wish you a Happy Belated Birthday!
  • Happy Belated Birthday to my friend. I hope and wish for your happiness, success and growth.
  • I may have forgotten your birthday, but I didn’t forget a gift for you. Enjoy your day, my friend and a Happy Belated Birthday to you!
  • Happy Belated Birthday, man! Success and happiness are waiting for you! It’s never too late to wish your best friend.
  • You’re the best of all the friends I have. I am a little bit late to wish you a Happy Belated Birthday. I pray for your good health!
  • Don’t think much about gifts, like Birthdays. Just take my blessings and Happy Belated Birthday! I have forgotten your gift too.
  • Happy Belated Birthday! No excuse for today, I forgot your birthday. Kindly apologize to me and give me a party dear.
  • I’m too good at late in everything and see I forgot your birthday. Happy Belated Birthday, my old friend!
  • I’m still in the imagination of your party, but you didn’t give me a party, and I didn’t give you a birthday wish, but today I’m wishing you a Happy Belated Birthday!
  • Millions of blessings and billions of wishes from me to you. I’m sorry I missed your birthday. Happy Belated Birthday!

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Belated Birthday wishes for Cousins

No need to worry if you forgot to wish your fav cousin his or her birthday. Check out this collection of belated birthday wishes and messages for siblings and cousins:

  • I’m so lucky to have a cousin like you; sorry for the late wishing. Happy Belated Birthday!
  • Happy Belated Birthday to you, my favourite cousin. You’re an incredible part of our family.
  • I know I am the only one who wishes you late; sorry for that, and Happy Belated Birthday!
  • Lots of success and happiness be you forever, and I am here to say sorry and Happy Belated Birthday to You!
  • Happy Belated Birthday, dear! You know what makes the perfect pair of birthday late wishes and gifts. So I am in a perfect pair.
  • Why the right time has all the fun sometimes being late is so awesome. Wishing you a Lots of happiness and a Happy Belated Birthday!
  • Happy Belated Birthday to the most unwanted cousin. Just take a deep breath and cut the late cake!
  • Let’s create the late birthday as a right time Birthday. Happiness is now yours, dear. Happy Belated Birthday!
  • I forgot three things yesterday, your birthday, your gift and your party, my dear cousin. At least try to forgive me and take my Happy Belated Birthday!
  • Happy Belated Birthday, my dear cousin! My heart didn’t forget your birthday, but my brain did. Sorry for the extra late wishing.

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Belated Birthday Wishes for Brother

Your brother is special and so should his belated birthday wish! Check out these cute and unique belated birthday wishes for brother: 

  • My dear brother, I am now a hosteller and forgetting the dates became my new hobby. Happy Belated Birthday, Brother!
  • Happy Belated Birthday, my little one, I know your birthday is already gone, but my wishes are still constant. Have a blast birthday!
  • I can’t believe that I forgot my brother’s birthday. Please accept my Happy Belated Birthday! I think this is the first time I feel so sorry for my brother.
  • Your birthday is a special day for my day too, and I forgot how stupid I’m. Kindly accept my apologies, gifts and Happy Belated Birthday!
  • Sometimes, I lost how to calculate time and date, and that’s why I forgot your birthday. I wish you a Happy Belated Birthday!
  • Happy Belated Birthday! I know you have done a lot of celebrations and dances on your birthday. I hope the next one will also go like this.
  • Happy Belated to the cute Munchkin of our family. As you know, my blessings are always with you, so keep rocking and keep smiling.
  • Happy Belated Birthday, my Elder brother! Thanks for always being my ideal, my mentor and my strength. You’re the best brother in the whole world.
  • Please accept my late wishing because I have nothing to give you on your Belated Birthday. Happy Belated Birthday, my brother!
  • You know I love standing out from the crowd, that’s why I’m wishing you late. Happy Belated Birthday!

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Belated Birthday Wishes For Her

  • Forgetting your birthday is my greatest mistake, and I make this correct by kissing you. Happy Belated Birthday to my lady love!
  • I know you will forgive me because you love me a lot. Please accept my apologies, my dear sweetheart and Happy Belated Birthday!
  • Happy Belated, my love! Forgiveness is the best part of the relationship. So forgive me and let’s celebrate your birthday again.
  • Happy Belated Birthday, my dear! Soft kisses, tight hugs and chocolate cupcakes make your late birthday the perfect one. Accept my apologies in this way, and let’s celebrate today.
  • You’re so understandable and forgiving, girlfriend. I know you’ve already forgiven me for my mistake. Happy Belated Birthday, love!

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  • Happy Belated Birthday! From now on, I promise not to forget your birthday or your gifts. Kindly forgive me for the last time.
  • Happy Belated Birthday, Dear! You’re my special person so that I’m especially wishing you today. Let’s celebrate today and forget about everything.
  • Happy Belated Birthday! Thank you so much for accepting my late wishes, my love. I wish that success be your forever partner and happiness be your forever stamp.
  • As a boyfriend, this is my responsibility to remember your birthday, but I forgot, and I know you will forgive me too because you are good at giving me a chance. Happy Belated Birthday, darling!
  • Belated Happy Birthday, Babe! It all happens because of my busy schedule as I forgot your birthday. My sorry and love for you are constant.

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